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Where you live is as much of a statement as what you wear, and most of us try to settle somewhere that suits our tastes. Each and every city has its own heartbeat that residents become attuned to and they know all those little hidden gems tucked away back along those forgotten backstreets. These are only a few of the benefits to living in a vibrant urban area. OROGOLD has to remind you that city-living isn’t always the best for you either. Or, more specifically, certain cities are often quite hard on your skin. This is due to a variety of factors and just spending a few days in these cities without staying away of the possible issues might lead to a breakout. So consider this article a combination of a warning and just a helpful reminder to be aware of the conditions in your own city.

New York.

New York, New York
New York seems to make almost every list of cities whether it is for a good or a bad reason, but in some ways that is what makes the city almost quintessentially American. The Big Apple has its share of problems ranging from pollution to high-density living. These end up contributing to risk factors for breakouts. Just the accumulated level of grime and pollution you can pick up walking the streets has a chance to get into your pores and clog them. The issue is compounded simply from the press of humanity in the streets where everyone is moving by everyone and brushing off their share of all the grime on one another as they rush to where they’re going. There’s no denying all of this is also incredibly stressful. As one of the megacities of the world, this sadly means that New York really can’t claim to be good for your skin.

Capitol Building, DC.

Washington, D.C.
For stress, it is hard to beat the heart of the nation itself. Big decisions are made daily as people try to determine the best way to steer the country. The city is constantly on the move as a result of it all and the transportation options are too. Washington certainly doesn’t have the issues of New York city when it comes to air pollution, but it isn’t the cleanest city. There are efforts underway to try to reduce pollution before it becomes a large issue though. While a good place to meet people from around the world, it is hard to say that Washington is going to be good for your skin’s health overall. If you happen to live there though, OROGOLD urges you not to despair as it means you’ve likely got plenty of options for ensuring you’re eating well enough to control for environmental factors. Just make sure you cleanse well.

Downtown LA from Hollywood Hills

Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles falls prey to being another megacity. Much like New York, there are just some things that can’t be helped once a city reaches a particular size. The overall pollution of the area, like in New York, gives rises to smog and other kinds of pollution based phenomena. These contribute a general air of grime even if you can escape to the seaside for a break now and again. Sadly, this escape isn’t going to help much when your skin is already primed for breaking out from pores being clogged. Even a minor breakout can end up being made worse by time in the sun. This makes the combination of sun, pollution, and the stress of urban life truly a problem for anyone living in Los Angeles. Anyone living in the city will probably benefit from talking with a professional about how to deal with the extra environmental factors when creating a skin care routine.

There are plenty of other cities around the world with similar problems. OROGOLD is only listing three as they offer good examples of the environmental problems that can affect your skin’s health. If you live in a large enough city, pay attention to smog warnings and other local reports on pollution and avoid going out when its less than ideal. If you live in a sunnier city with pollution problems, then you truly should never forget your sunscreen. Living in any of these cities or ones like them doesn’t mean you’re going to have eternally unhealthy skin; living in one of these cities does mean you’ll need to take very good care of your skin though.

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