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When the time comes to start planning your big day, it is always a good idea to first gather as much inspiration as you can, from pictures of flowers that you love to examples of invitation styles. OROGOLD believes that a great way to make your wedding truly stand out as one to remember is to take inspiration from the weddings that are held in other cultures. Asian weddings are a great place to look, and you will find so many exciting elements that are easy to incorporate into your own wedding.

A henna artist applies a henna designs on a bride's hands.

Wedding Favors
Giving your guests something Asian-inspired to take home with them is a great idea for wedding favors. Bright and vibrant colors are vital, and there are many Asian symbols that you can choose as ornaments, such as elephant napkin holders or a Buddha statuette to hold up name cards. Henna, a natural paste that is applied to the hands and feet of an Indian bride in a traditional yet extravagant pattern, inspires some extremely artistic designs, and these can be used to carve colorful favors that you are giving out. Another great idea is to fill small jars with exotic spices, decorating these jars with luxurious Asian fabrics, ensuring that a memento of your wedding stays in your guests’ kitchens for months to come.

An elegant dinner table for a wedding decorated with flowers.

Wedding Decorations
Asian inspired wedding decorations are easy to come by, but the bright colors can often seem daunting if your personal preferences are for something more subtle. Take the time to explore Old World Asian arts and crafts, such as Chinoiserie wallpaper and art, which feature many low-key but feminine elements, such as birds and flowers. Use this inspiration when creating custom decorations for your wedding, such as for the canopy or to decorate the sides of the aisle. Asian flowers, such as orchids, are also a fantastic way to add an exotic feel to your wedding and reception, and can be placed inside vintage Asian vases.

Beautiful bride under paper lanterns in her wedding ceremony

Lighting may not be the first thing that is considered when it comes to planning your wedding, but it is a great way to incorporate Asian elements whilst keeping them subtle at the same time. Whether your wedding is being held indoors or outdoors, lanterns are a great way to brighten up a space whilst giving it an exotic feel. A wedding tradition in many Asian cultures is for the newly-weds, as well as their guests, to decorate and write wishes on individual paper lanterns, before lighting them and releasing them into the sky. This could be a great alternative to throwing confetti, especially at night time, and the sight of the lit lanterns floating into the stars is one that everyone is bound to remember. If your budget is tight, consider purchasing one large lantern per table, so that groups of guests decorate and release them together rather than having one each.

Take the time to gather inspiration from the wide range of Asian cultures, from Indian to Korean. Each celebrate their own traditions, and you can easily take specific aspects from each one, combining them to create a unique one-of-a-kind wedding.

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