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The quest for newer and better beaches around the world is a personal quest in life for some of us. Everyone knows to go to the Caribbean or to Bali for some truly stunning beaches, but what if you want to look elsewhere? Singapore offers another island nation option for world travelers, but due to its dense urban centers it often leaves travelers wondering if there is even a good beach to be found. OROGOLD has a few recommendations for travelers that find themselves in Singapore. There are some good beaches to be found if you know where to look.

Palawan Beach, Sentosa, Singapore.

Palawan Beach
Palawan is part of the Sentosa Island resort hub of the island, and as a result isn’t necessarily a hidden gem. There are some benefits to it being in the main resort area though. The beach has a number of decent views and is well-maintained. You’re not likely to feel crowded on this beach as Sentosa has several other beaches as well that it shares the crowds with. Palawan’s particular location in the resort area also has the benefit that you’re never far away from a good meal or night out with friends. As a primary resort beach, you’ll also be able to not only find Palawan Beach easily, but also navigate from it as a landmark when you need to get somewhere.

Pasir Ris Park
Far away from the resort center of Sentosa, this park offers a combination of outdoor activities along with plenty of beach for you to enjoy. You’re able to look out over the ocean if you want or simply relax and enjoy the sun. The better part of this park and beach is that its distance from the resort center means there are far fewer people to share the location with and that means more peace and quiet. There is a wetlands area for those who wish to explore some of the natural landscape and a cycling path for others who simply wish to enjoy the views of the beach without the discomfort of getting sand in their shoes.

Lazarus Island, Singapore.

Lazarus Island
Ultimately, the best beach in Singapore is one of the ones it is harder to locate. Getting to Lazarus Island will take getting a good set of directions, but it offers one of the best beaches in the nation. The unspoiled landscape and beautiful beach is a far cry from the beaches of Sentosa that, while well maintained, are still marked with the evidence of the passage of a lot of tourists. The relatively out of the way and underdeveloped nature of Lazarus Island means you’re able to enjoy a look at what Singapore looked like before the dense urbanization and take a brief step out of the seeming unending chaos of the city. In addition to this, some of the better locations lack the view of Singapore’s endless ship traffic as well and allow you to simply gaze off into the infinite horizon where sea and sky meet.

Singapore will never be one of the truly wondrous beach destinations of the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel left out when visiting. There are options for all sorts of beach goers available in OROGOLD’s suggestions, and you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. Don’t let the crowds discourage you from getting a little sun, and always remember if you put in a little extra effort you can find your own quiet spot on Lazarus Island far away from it all.

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