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The vibrant, fiery shades that fall casts upon the world’s landscapes make the season an ideal time to travel. Here are some of OROGOLD’s picks of the best destinations around the world for a golden fall.

Honshu, Japan

Honshu, Kyoto, Japan
Just as the cherry blossom season each spring in Japan brings in visitors from all over the world, so do the leaves of all, otherwise known as Kouyou. Viewing these leaves has become a popular activity in Japan each year, with the transformation first occurring on the northern island of Hokkaido, before quickly spreading south as the days progress. OROGOLD’s favorite spot to view Japan’s stunning fall foliage is on Kyoto’s island of Honshu, where the red and golden leaves contrast beautifully with the sloping temple roofs.

Forest of Dean, England

Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England
The ancient Forest of Dean, in the English county of Gloucestershire, is truly at its best in the fall, when its beech, oak and larch trees transform into magnificent golden and russet shades. With autumn fruit, colorful arrays of fungi and string upon string of juicy berries, the forest comes alive each fall in a way that enchants and delights everyone who visits. In addition to taking in your magical surroundings, there are plenty of other things to do at the Forest of Dean, from visiting the Clearwell Caves, a unique iron mining museum, to following the 14 acre pre-Roman maze in Puzzle Wood. OROGOLD also recommends paying a visit to the towns just north of the forest, where you will be able to explore beautiful market gardens and vineyards.

White Mountains, US

White Mountains, New Hampshire, US
The East Coast of New England is famous world over for some of the best fall displays in the world, and it can often be tough deciding exactly where to go to enjoy this brilliant natural fireworks show. The White Mountains, New England’s most rugged mountain range, is best explored from New Hampshire, and OROGOLD absolutely loves it in the fall. The best times to visit are at the beginning of October, when a hike up the hills will reward you with the sight of bright red maple leaves contrasting with the shimmering gold around them.

Huangshan, China

Huangshan, Anhui, China
Located in the Anhui province in eastern China, Huangshan is a mountain range that has had a significant impact on Chinese history, art and culture. Known throughout history as “the loveliest mountain of China”, Huangshan has attracted some of the country’s greatest creatives, and still continues to do so. The area is well known for its majestic scenery, with granite peaks and rocks breaking out through floating wisps of clouds, natural hot springs and unforgettable sunsets. When the trees growing all over the range put on their fall colors, it really is a breathtaking sight.

As beautiful as these destinations may be in the fall, you don’t need to travel the world to be able to enjoy the season’s gorgeous colors. A walk to your local park, forest or beach this fall may end up taking your breath away more than you could have imagined!

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