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Gold souk in Dubai

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With a constant, high demand to cater for, the UAE is one of the best places in the world to buy gold. Not only is it significantly cheaper to purchase gold in this part of the world, but you will also be presented with a mind-boggling array of styles to choose from, no matter what sort of gold you may be after. While the UAE may be filled with many gold-focussed shops, OROGOLD loves visiting the local souks for our gold shopping. Souk simply means marketplace in Arabic, and are traditional street markets that sell everything from food to clothes to, of course, gold. From the most famous gold souk in the world, to smaller, but equally affordable, local souks, OROGOLD takes a look at some of the best gold souks in the UAE.

Gold Souk, Dubai
The Gold Souk in Dubai is probably the most famous souk in the world, and with three hundred jewellers showcasing their goods, it is easy to see why. The souk is located by Dubai‘s famous creek, and can be easily, and enjoyably, accessed by a water taxi. Once there, it is easy to spend hours getting lost in the myriad of stalls, browsing the enticing range of gold in all shapes and forms imaginable. If you decide to buy something, OROGOLD reminds you that haggling is all the norm here, and you will end up paying a much higher price than necessary if you don’t. Many of the prices often end up being halved, still leaving the jeweller with a healthy profit. OROGOLD also reminds you that Dubai’s government help to maintain the souk, ensuring that the gold is of a consistent standard and quality, as well as always being genuine.

Gold Center, Sharjah
Located in Sharjah, at the corner of Al Wahda Street and Al Qasimiya Street, the Gold Center is the best place to visit in Sharjah if you are looking to buy gold. It was opened in 1996, and features 47 different jewellers, both local and international. It has becoming quite the shopping landmark in the area, and being housed in a traditional Islamic building makes it worth the visit, even if only to browse.

The Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai
The Gold and Diamond Park is not so much a traditional souk, but more of a modern shopping experience. However, OROGOLD still loves paying it a visit, especially on the days when the heat of the city feels unbearable, as the Gold and Diamond Park offers up 90 jewellery retailers from the comfort of an air-conditioned mall. In comparison to the Gold Souk, this may not seem like a large number, but many of the retailers here offer hard-to-find pieces, and are also able to create custom jewellery based on your own specifications.

In addition to purchasing gold jewellery at these souks, many people also opt to buy gold ingots in varying sizes, either simply to keep as an investment, or to have it crafted into a design of their own. Nevertheless, whether you end up buying any gold or not, a visit to a traditional souk in the UAE is definitely a must-do for the next time you are in the country.

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