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During the summer, the temperature in Hong Kong can reach extremes, putting great stress on your body and your skin. OROGOLD always advises that you try your best to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day, between 11am and 4pm, so, to help keep you entertained during those hours, OROGOLD has rounded up some of the best indoor attractions that Hong Kong has to offer.

Mongkok Market, Hong Kong

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The Mongkok Markets
Mongkok is a popular Hong Kong location, and is known for the different street markets all packed into one area. The majority of vendors are open throughout the afternoon, making this the best time to visit. Although not technically indoors, canopies cover many areas and there is plenty of shade to be found. OROGOLD recommends beginning at Fa Yuen Street Market, with its unique and quirky goods, and then heading one street over to Goldfish Street Market, selling exotic fish, turtles, lizards and other animals. OROGOLD would never recommend that you purchase an animal from there, as many species are endangered, but it is still worth exploring with your camera. Next, head over to the Bird Market and Garden, for everything bird-related, and finally, end your market afternoon at Flower Market Street, with plenty of unique arrangements. If you have managed to spend the entire afternoon browsing, then stay in the area, as the Ladies’ Market, also known as the night market, will soon be opening.

The Macau Skyline

Although not technically in Hong Kong, Macau is just a short ferry ride away, and is definitely worth a visit if you are in that part of the world. Known as the ‘Vegas of Asia’, Macau is the number one gambling city in the world in terms of revenue, and boasts over 30 different casinos, each of which are known for different games. For blackjack, head to MGM, with the lowest house edge in Macau, while the City of Dreams frequently hosts many Pokerstars events. Those looking for free cocktails and snacks should try playing at the Wynn, while the Grand Lisboa offers fabulous entertainment, from pole-dancing to live jazz.

Hong Kong Space Museum

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Hong Kong Museums
Visiting a couple of museums while in a new country is one of the best ways to learn about the history of the nation, so pay a visit to one of Hong Kong’s many museums, that will be comfortably air conditioned, during an unbearably hot afternoon. The choices are diverse, from the egg-shaped Hong Kong Space Museum to the Hong Kong Museum of Art and its many historic exhibitions to the 70,000 square foot Teddy Bear Kingdom. If you are wanting to visit a few different museums, OROGOLD recommends purchasing a museum pass, which will grant you access for a lower price.

Hong Kong is full of sights and attractions, but most of them are outdoors. For the days when the sun is too hot to handle, or even those days when the monsoon rains come crashing down, these attractions will ensure that you are always kept busy.

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