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Whether it’s because you’ve been working late, or have just had a big night out, there comes a point where we all search for a late night eatery that will satisfy our appetite. OROGOLD brings you the best late night eateries in Los Angeles.

BCD Tofu House, Wilshire
A steaming hot bowl of delicious Korean spicy tofu stew will not only have your belly feeling fully satisfied, but will warm you up from the inside to the outside. Located in the heart of Koreatown, BCD Tofu House is open 24 hours a day, attracting customers from all over LA who just simply can’t get enough of their speciality soup. Although many restaurants in Koreatown are open 24 hours, none seem to be able to compete with the delicious offerings of BCD Tofu House. Those of you who aren’t tofu fans need not worry, as you can customize your bubbling bowl with all sorts of extras, from dumplings to beef to seafood. Along with each bowl comes a delicious rice dish, cooked in a stone pot. OROGOLD also recommends ordering some of their delectable extras, with their spicy kimchi being one of our favorites.

Thin crust pizza with tomatoes, salami and ham.

Garage Pizza, Silver Lake and Downtown
The two locations of Garage Pizza are open until 4AM each day, and that includes their delivery hours. Their style of pizza is similar to that of a typical New York thin crust pizza, with some of the most popular toppings being a simple cheese or pepperoni. If you are on your own, you can enjoy one slice, but if you are with friends, there is no excuse to not order a whole pie! For those of you who want to try something slightly different, OROGOLD recommends the made-to-order calzones, which are finished with a drizzle of garlic olive oil. Garage Pizza is also a go-to pizza destination for vegans, as they also serve up a tasty vegan pizza with dairy-free cheese.

Stout Burgers and Beer, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Studio City
With their three locations open until 4AM, Stout Burgers and Beer is the ideal place to go when you’ve got a late night burger craving. OROGOLD’s favorite is their Goombah Burger, made with their house-blended beef, smoked mozzarella, crispy proscuitto, parmigiano shavings and a lemon-basil aioli. The juicy burgers, which are cooked medium-rare unless otherwise requested, are a carnivore’s dream, and are the best late night burgers that you will find in Los Angeles. Unlike at many other burger restaurants, vegetarians are well taken care of, with a delicious meat-free patty made from quinoa and beans, served up with roasted tomatoes and a chutney mayonnaise, as well as different kale and quinoa salads. Don’t forget to order a portion of their sweet potato fries, as those are definitely not to be missed.

Although it may not quite be the city that never sleeps, the variety of late night eateries in Los Angeles are enough to satisfy every craving. From a spicy Korean stew to a classic juicy burger, the options are endless, but you can rest assured that when in Los Angeles, you will never go hungry, whatever time of day it may be.

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