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Man enjoying views of the Kuwait skyline.

Kuwait is a country that boasts of a deep-rooted history where ancient cultural wonders stand next to modern developments. It is a country that embraces its past, is proud of its present and has one foot in the future. There is something for all sorts of travelers in this cosmopolitan and colorful country and you can actually have an extraordinary time while in Kuwait. OROGOLD Cosmetics celebrates the launch of its latest store in Kuwait by offering you an exciting ORO GOLD guide that showcases the best places to celebrate life in Kuwait.


Kuwait City is home to the old Souq, a historical market that has been retained in all of its bustling and complex beauty. This traditional market is famous for its ancient practices and traditions and driving a hard bargain is a must. It is one of the best places in Kuwait to spend a couple of hours and you can actually sample some of the most exotic local delicacies at the many eateries located here. The Souq is also known to be an ideal place for anyone wanting to buy things like kohl, gold-spangled dresses, woolen vests and pumice stones. The main gold market of Kuwait City is also located close by.

The modern shopping malls of Kuwait City 

Kuwait City is famous as a travel destination because of its good food and fantastic beaches. However, it is even more popular for its fantastic shopping and exquisite shopping malls that are home to world class brands, local stores and exciting boutiques. Some of the top malls of Kuwait are the Marina Mall, Al Mohalab Mall, Sharq Mall, Laila Gallery Complex, Salhia Commercial Complex and the Tala Center.

Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are the most famous landmark in the State of Kuwait. The towers are defined by their blue-green sequins and are certainly worth a visit while in Kuwait. These towers were inaugurated in the year 1979 and the largest of the three towers rises to a height of 187m. Tourists love visiting the towers to check out the breathtaking views from the two-level observation deck located there. A collection of photographs also showcases how the symbol of Kuwait was almost destroyed during the Iraqi invasion.

Failaka Island

The Failaka Island has been inhabited since the Stone Age. It was given the name Ikarius by the Greeks who settled here. Today, Failaka Island is a treasure trove for history buffs. Tourists can marvel at the historic Greek Temple, old dhows as well as a number of archaeological sites while in Failaka Island.

Sadu House

The Sadu House is located close to the National Museum. It is famous as a time capsule that has been successful in capturing the essence of Bedouin life. The Sadu House has been designed using gypsum and coral and is being used as a cultural museum to promote Bedouin arts and crafts. If you’re looking to explore the Bedouin way of life or are searching for an ideal place to purchase Bedouin-made goods, Sadu House is an ideal place to visit.

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