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Fine dining restaurant.

While Singapore may be known for its street food, its fine dining scene is just as impressive. Constantly evolving and diversifying, the culinary explosion that Singapore has experienced has been attracting even more top kitchen talent in recent years. While it is definitely hard to narrow down the options to just a few, here are some of OROGOLD’s picks of Singapore’s best restaurants.

Opened in 2004 and located at the Hilton Hotel, Iggy’s can be found on many ‘best restaurant’ lists and it is easy to see why. Inspired by Japanese, European and Australian flavors, the food served up is light, fresh and always perfectly balanced, giving you a truly unique dining experience. For those of you who want to sample a variety of dishes, OROGOLD suggests opting for the tasting lunch or the gastronomic menu, each of which will no doubt leave you wanting to come back for even more. The restaurant also works with wineries in Burgundy, personally choosing each wine and having them specially shipped in, making it no surprise that their wine list has been recognized around the world.

Tippling Club
When it comes to modern gastronomy, Tippling Club is at the forefront of innovation, not only for Singapore but for the whole of Asia. Playful, fun and always fresh, the dishes served up at this exciting restaurant are avant-garde yet don’t cause too much of a dent in the wallet. With a two dining rooms and a bar, the restaurant is also known for their progressive cocktails, and has been ranked on many lists for top bars in the world. Each course is paired fantastically with drinks, and there is even a great vegetarian menu – something that many of the finest restaurants often lack.

Waku Ghin
Opened by celebrity chef Tetsuya Wakuda in 2010, Waku Ghin, in the luxurious Marina Bay Sands Resort, is frequently referred to as one of the best restaurants in the world. The dining area is split into four private sections, seating just 25 at a time. Guests can enjoy a 10 course degustation menu, prepared in front of them by their very own chef, and featuring some truly spectacular ingredients. In addition to this, Chef Tetsuya Wakuda is the first person outside of Japan to be appointed as Sake Ambassador, meaning that you can be sure that the sake selection at Waku Ghin is the best that you will find outside of Japan. If the steep price tag for a full meal at Waku Ghin puts you off, you may be lucky enough to visit during a time when they are serving up one-off specials at the bar, such as the Beef or Tuna Rice Bowl.

Singapore truly has some great restaurants, and you can easily find eateries serving up food from each and every continent. When it comes to Singapore’s best restaurants, OROGOLD reminds you that you are likely to need to book in advance, so keep this in mind when you are planning your trip.

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