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Held on the 18th of February this year, World Whale Day is an event that was founded in Maui, Hawaii, in order to raise awareness for, and to protect, humpback whales and their ocean habitat. With over 20,000 visitors expected to attend this year’s festivities, this is an important celebration that brings together wildlife lovers from all over the planet, and while the main event is being held in Hawaii, you can still take part in this no matter where in the world you live.

Whale in Hawaii
Parade of Whales
The Parade of Whales takes place in the morning on World Whale Day, and features sea creature costumes that are guaranteed to delight. In addition to this, there will be colorful floats of all shapes and sizes, marching bands, and even prizes for the best costumes.

Keiki Carnival
The Keiki Carnival is an event aimed at the whole family, meaning that even young children begin to take notice of whale conservation from an early age. From bouncy castles to arts and crafts to lei-making sessions, the carnival is filled with activities designed for all ages. This year, there will be a new attraction at the Keiki Carnival, the Maui Spider Jump, which is the only reverse bungee system in Hawaii, and is perfect for all of those thrill-seekers attending the carnival. The Keiki Stage can also be found here, and there will be several entertainment acts performed throughout the day, including Keiki Hula, the Banana Slug String Band and Seth Grabel from America’s Got Talent.

Online Auction
The World Whale Day online auction is open to people from all over the world, giving you the opportunity to contribute to the cause no matter where you live. Items being auctioned include everything from artwork to once-in-a-lifetime experiences to dining opportunities to gift certificates, with all proceeds supporting the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Whale breaching in Hawaii
Wild & Wonderful Whale Regatta
The Wild & Wonderful Whale Regatta features hundreds of rubber whales that make their way through a waterway, with each one sponsored by an individual or an organization. If the whale that you are sponsoring happens to win, there are several great prizes on offer, including a free trip to Hawaii from specific destinations around the world, from the USA to New Zealand.

Hosting Your Own Celebration
While the online auction and the Wild & Wonderful Whale Regatta can be taken part in from anywhere in the world, there are still other ways for you to host your very own World Whale Day Event. From local fundraising to putting together your very own mini festival, this is a cause that is well worth putting some extra effort into helping.

Dubbed as being the gentle giants of the ocean, humpback whales have always been a significant part of Hawaiian life and culture. While their population has experienced many threats over the years, the conservation efforts that are being held, including World Whale Day, have gone a long way in supporting the humpback population, enabling it to thrive once again.

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