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Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion weeks in the world, with each one having a huge influence over the whole industry. To help you to make the most out of your time in the City of Lights, OROGOLD has put together a quick city guide for Paris Fashion Week, highlighting the best hotels to stay at and the tastiest restaurants to eat at, as well as a few ‘must do’s’ for when you have some spare time in between shows.

Where to Stay
One of OROGOLD’s favorite places to stay in Paris during Fashion Week is Pershing Hall, a luxury hotel with an ideal location just off the Champs-Elysée, only a short walk from the city’s major couture houses, making it the top choice amongst visiting fashionistas. With just 26 beautifully designed rooms, as well as their very own jungle-inspired vertical garden, this is a hotel that would need to be booked well in advance of Fashion Week to guarantee you a room. Another hotel well worth checking out is Mama Shelter. This hip hotel has some great amenities in their rooms, including a 27 inch iMac, free WiFi, a mini bar and free videos on demand. The price of a room is significantly lower than that of Pershing Hall, making this a great hotel for those that are on a tighter budget, but still want something sleek and stylish.

Where to Eat
From upscale fine dining restaurants to cozy and quaint Parisian cafés, Paris is packed with amazing places to eat. While OROGOLD always loves wandering the city and discovering new venues, time usually does not permit for this during Paris Fashion Week. For a quick lunch that you can eat on the go, OROGOLD suggests heading to Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest covered food market in the city. It is also a great place to soak up some Parisian history while you browse the stalls for a bite to eat. Once your day is over, OROGOLD recommends having a meal at Takara, a high end Japanese restaurant that is usually a firm favorite amongst the regular Paris Fashion Week crowd. You should also keep an eye out for Patisserie Viennoise, which is a short walk from a few of the Fashion Week venues and will give you enough of a sugar rush to keep you going for the rest of the day.

What to Do
While the shows may keep you busy for the majority of the day, chances are that you will end up with a couple of hours of free time at some point. Those of you inspired by the designs on the runway will want to check out some of the many unique stores throughout the city, from the world famous Colette to Galeries Lafayette. Palais-Royal is also worth a visit, not only to browse the range of vintage stores, but also to soak up some Parisian culture. If you end up with a whole evening to spare, OROGOLD suggests visiting Reflet Médicis, a legendary art house cinema that promotes spectacular cinematographic works.

Without a doubt, Paris Fashion Week is one of the most exciting Fashion Weeks in the world. OROGOLD’s city guide is here to help you to plan your stay in the city, ensuring that you are able to make the most of all that Paris has to offer.

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