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Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more than forty years now, Denmark has been considered to be one of the happiest, if not the happiest, city in the world. Not only are Copenhagen’s residents happier than those in other cities around the world, but they are also healthier, something that Danish traditions, as well as the way in which Copenhagen is run, both contribute to.

Danish Society and Traditions
Danes have always been relatively trusting people, and research shows that trust is something that really contributes to a person’s happiness. The Danes also have quite a different attitude to money than that of other developed countries around the world. Rather than buying extravagant houses or luxury cars, the Danes prefer to spend their money on each other, strengthening their family and social ties.

Gender Equality
Gender equality is another aspect of life that factors into a person’s happiness, especially for women. Denmark is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to women’s rights, and there are a number of prestigious gender equality conferences held in Copenhagen each and every year.

Woman riding a bike in Copenhagen

William Perugini /

Bicycle Culture
Copenhagen embraces bicycle culture, with over 50% of the population using the bicycle as their main form of transportation. This is aided by the way in which the city is laid out, as it is designed to be extremely bicycle-friendly, and has been frequently voted as the Best City for Cyclists. Travelling by bike means that plenty of time is spent outdoors, something that hugely contributes to health, as well as happiness. The fact that bicycles and public transport are favored so heavily in Copenhagen also means that air pollution is kept to a minimum, maintaining public health. Air pollution is known to be directly linked with many cardiovascular and respiratory problems, but, with Copenhagen intending to be carbon neutral by 2025, this will not be a problem for residents of the city.

Public Harbor Baths
When Copenhagen modernized their sewage system, the quality of their water drastically rose, meaning that residents of the city could now freely swim in it without any fear of pollutants. To take advantage of this, Copenhagen opened up public harbor baths – areas that are now the most bustling spots in the city, especially during the warmer months. These spots have become key when it comes to socializing in Copenhagen, something that again has a huge impact on both health and happiness.

The overall attitude to education in Denmark is progressive, with the country believing that education should be easily available to all. Copenhagen is home to some of the best schools in the world, and, without the hefty price tag that higher education usually comes with, residents of the city are able to expand upon their knowledge and expertise.

There are many unique factors that all come together to make Copenhagen such a special place. With happiness and health levels of its residents at such a high, this is a city that many others around the world can look at as a role model to follow.

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