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Night views of La Rambla, Barcelona.

Barcelona is a late night legend, and is a Spanish city that has set the standard for European nightlife. The locals know that the secret to a great night out lies in their afternoon siestas, leaving them bright and refreshed for the evening. Clubs don’t usually get going until after 1am, but once they do, there’s no stopping them. From a Spanish chateau perched on a mountaintop to an authentic seductive salsa club, OROGOLD reviews the best spots to dance the night away in Barcelona.

Mojito Club
No visit to Spain would be complete without a night of traditional salsa dancing, and that’s where the Mojito Club comes in. Dedicated to providing their customers with a sexy, seductive salsa experience, the club has a trendy Latin/Cuban vibe and is usually packed with a passionate crowd eager to show off their moves. If salsa dancing is new to you, you don’t need to worry, as the club offers lessons for beginners at 10pm, and then turns into a full-on salsa club at around 1am, where the beginners stay on to try out their new skills.

La Terrazza
Casa son Berga, a castle perched at the top of the mountain, has been converted into one of the most stylish dance spots in Barcelona, and is open every weekend from May to September. The castle sits above the Poble Espanyol, an artificial village that was constructed in 1929 to reflect the many different styles of Spanish architecture. To get to the club, visitors will need to take a short walk through the winding streets of the village, dotted with bars and restaurants, before they reach La Terrazza, but OROGOLD suggests writing down the address because it is extremely easy to get lost, especially if you’ve already had a couple of drinks! Once there, most are immediately taken aback by the fact that the club has no roof, and their colorful lights and visual projections make dancing under the stars and palm trees a truly unique experience.

Row 14
Barcelona’s answer to an Ibiza superclub, Row 14 only opens at 6:30am, making it an ideal spot to head to once the other clubs have slowed down. Located just outside of the city, Row 14’s huge indoor space, along with the retractable roof and two terraces, make it the best destination to dance away until the later hours of the morning. Sunday mornings are usually the best day to pay a visit to the club, as this is when the big names in techno music are flown over from all over the world to spin their best tracks.

Barcelona is packed with some of the most vibrant clubs in Spain, and is holding on to its reputation as one of the nightlife capitals of Europe. Whether you are looking to dance the night away to house music under the stars, or put on a swirling dress and head to a local salsa club, the amazing options that Barcelona offers seem almost endless.

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