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Norway landscapes

Your summer vacation does not need to be just sun, sand and sea, and there are plenty of places around the world that can offer you much more of an unforgettable experience. OROGOLD reviews exciting destinations around the world for a one of a kind summer vacation.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland
Best known for their glass igloos, where you can experience the icy wilderness in relative warmth, a summer vacation at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland should be on those cards for those who don’t want to brave it in the winter months. Summer in Lapland sees the sun never setting between May and August, which gives you all day, as well as all night, to enjoy the area. The resort has many one of a kind activities, from gold panning at their private site to horse safaris through the rolling fells to ‘night time‘ hikes up to the best points to view the glorious midnight sun. The Urho Kekkonen National Park, one of the largest conservation areas in Finland, is located just behind the resort, and, unlike many other national parks, you don’t need to worry about bringing along heavy bottles of water, as the environment is so clean and pure that you can drink straight from the fresh mountain streams, and the abundance of summer berries provide a never-ending juicy snack.

The Orient Express

Faraways /

The Orient Express, Europe
Famous world over, the Orient Express train is an iconic work of art in itself, and offers an unforgettable journey criss-crossing through some of the most spectacular destinations in Europe. With vintage cabins, gourmet seasonal European cuisine, with fresh ingredients picked up along each of the train’s stops, and lively entertainment, the Orient Express is one of those trips that you need to take at least once in your lifetime. The train has three beautifully restored 1920s restaurant carriages to give you plenty of dining options, as well as a stylish Bar Car, stocked with the finest of drinks. Journeys can be booked according to where you want to travel, with different routes taking you to different countries. From Paris to Budapest to Venice to Istanbul, the journeys vary from just one night to five nights, allowing you to tailor your itinerary to suit you.

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada
Located in a lush rainforest on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Free Spirit Spheres offer tree houses for adults. Rather than being built from wood, these tree houses are handcrafted spheres that are suspended from a web of rope that spans a part of the forest. There are four spheres to choose from, and each of them gently sway when the wind blows, making you feel as though the tree is rocking you to sleep. Described as being a truly magical experience, each sphere has its own unique features, and although they may be cosy rather than spacious, it will definitely be a one of a kind vacation.

From experiencing 24-hour sunlight in Lapland to being gently swayed to sleep up in the treetops, these are OROGOLD’s picks for vacations that you will never forget. OROGOLD reminds you to always try to book your place as early as possible, and be sure to not forget your camera!

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