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One of the most culturally diverse cities in California, Sacramento is home to a wonderful array of art museums. Whether you are seeking European masterpieces or Native American art, these are the Sacramento art museums that are most worth exploring.

Crocker Art Museum
The oldest art museum in the Western United States, the Crocker Art Museum is no doubt impressive, with everything from 19th century woodwork in the lobby to plaster moldings in the ballroom. The art collection here is a world-class one, with a carefully curated selection of European, Asian, Oceanic and Californian Art, the latter of which is the finest collection in the country. In addition to this, the museum also boasts an expansive holding of master drawings, as well as a comprehensive collection of international ceramics.

Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum
Also known as SOJO, the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum is quite a unique one, in that it showcases everything from Asian to African to Hispanic to Native American art. The community of Sacramento has long since been a multicultural one, and this museum represents, and celebrates, this through its captivating exhibits. The artwork here comes from all over the world, and one of the museum’s primary aims is to introduce global art to the local community, enabling them to really appreciate what else is out there.

State Indian Museum
The State Indian Museum was the first museum in California to devote itself to Native American culture, and while this may not be a fully dedicated art museum, Native American arts and crafts make up the majority of the exhibits here. This museum also provides visitors with an insight into the impact that the California Gold Rush had on the native people, helping you to understand just how momentous this period in history was.

Verge Center for the Arts
The Verge Center for the Arts focuses on contemporary art that has been created in the last ten years, promoting the work of up and coming artists. While traditional art mediums are always appreciated, this gallery tends to heavily showcase artists that make use of non-traditional and experimental art practices, such as video, performance and sound.

Elliott Fouts Gallery
Located in Midtown Sacramento, the Elliott Fouts Gallery has been running since 1999, and consists of a 5600 square foot exhibition space that features rotating monthly shows. Stylistic diversity is the focus here, although the gallery has long since had a preference for representational landscapes and still life paintings.

Art of Toys
While not strictly a museum, Art of Toys is a monthly theme show that features the work of artists who have either used toys to produce art, or created actual toys themselves. It goes without saying that the pieces you will see here are truly one-of-a-kind, and will no doubt inspire your inner child.

Sacramento has a diverse history and heritage, and a visit to some of the city’s art museums is a great way to learn more about this. From the world-class Crocker Art Museum to the humbler, but equally inspiring, State Indian Museum, each of these art museums are simply begging to be explored.

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