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Downtown Houston at nightFeatured Neighborhood: Midtown

Midtown is famous as one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. It sits between the Downtown area and the Museum District and is known to be a pedestrian-friendly urban neighborhood that offers abundant food choices, exciting art galleries and beautiful theaters. The locals love the Midtown area because of the fact that it is one of those neighborhoods that never sleeps. With an exciting array of green spaces, bars, dog parks, retail outlets and restaurants to choose from, there is never a shortage of people watching opportunities in Midtown, at day or at night.  Moreover, its close proximity to the main areas of Houston also holds it in good stead among tourists. The 100 year oak trees that can be found all over Midtown are another plus. 

Featured Attraction: The Museum District

The famous Museum District of Houston dates back to the year 1977. It refers to a conglomeration of cultural centers, art galleries and museums. The Museum District of Houston is home to 18 different attractions such as the Museum of Natural Science, the John C. Freeman Weather Musuem, the Czech Center Museum, Houston Zoo, Clayton Library Center, Rothko Center and Hermann Park. It attracts almost 8.7 million people each year and offers visitors with unique programs such as Educators Open House, Museum District Day, etc. Entry to a number of attractions such as the Rice University Art Gallery and the Menil Collection is always free. 

Featured Hotel: Four Seasons Houston

The Four Seasons Houston is located in the heart of the city. It lies close to the main shopping and theater areas and is famous for its exceptional hospitality and service. The hotel offers its guests with 404 magnificent rooms and suites, a fine collection of art and antiques, an urban oasis and a delightful southern charm. Some of the main amenities offered by the hotel include WiFi, fitness center, business center, pet access, spa facilities and an outdoor swimming pool. Guests can also enjoy free access to the Houston Center Club.

Featured Nightclub: Barbarella

Barbarella is the Houston version of the super popular ATX dance club. Although Barbarella is quite new to the nightclub scene of Houston, it has already emerged as one of the hottest spots in the city. It has been termed as “a dance club for people who dislike dance music” and it features an impressive elevated dance floor with magnificent under-lighting that offers you with the perfect spot to show off.

Featured Spa: Sensia Studio and Japanese Day Spa

The Sensia Studio and Japanese Day Spa is the only major day spa and salon that is owned by a make-up artist in Houston. Cynthia brings her personal touch and expertise to Sensia and offers her patrons with a delightful array of luxurious spa services. In fact, the Sensia Studio and Japanese Day Spa is also known to boast of offering one of the top spa services in Houston in the form of “Precious Fruit De-Aging Scrub. This treatment treats your body with the wonders of 100% organic foods and pampers your skin with 3 layers of rituals – a fruit salt mousse scrub, pomegranate and passion fruit essential oils and a soothing fruit wrap. The treatment can repair your skin and also help you enjoy a moisturized look. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it?

Featured Restaurant: Oxheart

Oxheart is the place to be while in Houston. Located in the Warehouse District, this exciting restaurant offers you with an informal tasting menu, seasonal cooking and local delights.  The quality of the freshest ingredients shines through the disciplined technique and while the restaurant prides in its vegetable dishes, it handles seafood and meats beautifully as well. The portions offered by the restaurant might be modest, but the flavors are anything but so. Oxheart also gets rave reviews for its attentive staff, relaxed service and attention to detail.

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