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OROGOLD featured location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Featured OROGOLD Location: Lancaster” helps you learn more about the best activities, most beautiful sights and exciting things to do in the city of Lancaster to make your trip there even more enjoyable and memorable.

Featured Neighborhood: Central Business District

The Central Business District is considered to be the hub of Lancaster. This area also includes the Penn Square, the main center of the city of Lancaster. The Central Business District has been a center for government in the Lancaster County for more than two centuries. The Central Business District is also considered to be one of the most exciting areas in the city for art enthusiasts and culture vultures because of the presence of a number of art galleries such as Christiane David Gallery, Isadore Gallery, Metropolis, Gallery 2, D & J Scott Galleries and Virginia Caputo Photograhic. The 300 block of North Queen Street, an area that is famous for its collectible shops, antique stores and cafes, is also located here. 

Featured Attraction: Dutch Wonderland

The Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park is an ideal destination for kids visiting the city of Lancaster. This 48-acre amusement park offers its visitors with more than 30 rides along with an interactive water area that is known as the Duke’s Lagoon. The Dutch Wonderland also features highly popular live shows such as The Adventure of the Frog Prince. The amusement park has been perfectly designed for families with young kids and it has constantly been recognized as one of the Top 5 Best Kid’s Parks in the World. 

Featured Hotel: Best Western Premier Eden Resort & Suites

The Best Western Premier Eden Resort & Suites is by far the most luxurious and exotic resort located in Lancaster. This unique resort is famous for offering its visitors with large scale luxuries and small scale comfort. The resort consists of 301 beautifully appointed rooms and suites and it also enjoys an ideal location in the very heart of the city. The Best Western Premier Eden Resort & Suites is also home to Arthur’s Terrace and Garfield’s Food & Spirits, two award restaurants in the city. Some of the main attractions located close to the hotel include Dutch Wonderland and outlet shopping. Apart from its restaurants, one of the main attractions of the resort is its award-winning Champagne Sunday Brunch. Its sumptuous breakfast of pastries, cereals, waffles, eggs, juice, Arabica coffee and yogurt is also known to be extremely popular.

Featured Day Tour: Hershey

If you’re looking for the ideal day tour, it truly doesn’t get better than enjoying a chance to check out the place where mankind gave birth to modern day chocolates. The town of Hershey – yes, the very place where Milton Hershey discovered how to produce mass chocolate, is located at a distance of just 5 minutes from Lancaster. You can visit the iconic Hersheypark or learn more about the history of Hersheys at the Chocolate World Visitors Center. Driving through the streets is almost like reliving your Hersheys experience all over again. 

Featured Spa: Harmonia Healing Arts Spa

The Harmonia Healing Arts Spa tries to bring about beauty by promoting well-being. This spa believes that the body is healthy and beautiful when it manages to attain the perfect balance and is at complete peace. As a result, this exciting spa offers its patrons with unique healing solutions which combine modern day technologies with ancient techniques to maximize your healing. Apart from a long range of exciting spa services, the Harmonica Healing Arts Spa also offers a number of therapies such as artistic workshops, acupuncture, yoga and Qigong. 

Featured Restaurant: Pizza Margherita

The Pizza Margherita opened up about 30 years ago and it remains to be extremely popular even today. This iconic pizza joint was founded by Wendy Allen, the sister of Peter Boizot, the founder of Pizza Express. Pizza Margherita takes you back in time and offers you with authentic tasting pizzas, a traditional atmosphere, a great level of sophistication, classic decors and unique flavors. Pizza Margherita’s pizzas are famous for being indistinguishable from the ones offered by Pizza Express and it also offers a wide range of toppings along with the pizzas.

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