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Downtown Miami view from the ocean in the evening as the sun is setting


Featured Location: Miami” acquaints you with the hottest destinations, best activities, beautiful sights and most amazing services in the city of Miami so as to help you make your Miami holiday more enjoyable and memorable. 

Featured Neighborhood: South Beach

South Beach doesn’t need any introduction, does it? This exotic neighborhood is famous all over the world as the place where miles of beach come alive with a circus like atmosphere, sexy people, beautiful celebrities, eccentric locals, travelers and college students. South Beach is the place to be if you’re on the lookout for hip nightlife. Models and parties aren’t the only things worth going crazy over at the South Beach. It is also famous for its breathtaking Art Deco architecture. In fact, South Beach boasts of having the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the world. From non-stop sexually charged partying to over-the-top shopping, there are all sorts of things to choose from at South Beach. 

Featured Attraction: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Any trip to Miami can never be complete without a trip to the Vizcaya estate. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a 50-acre European styled mansion that is particularly popular as a major venue for some of the hottest events and galas in Miami. The property is also home to one of the most fantastic museums in the US. It boasts of a beautiful collection of historic artifacts and artworks. The construction of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is also worth mentioning. Although the palace has been constructed using local Coquina limestone, it seems to somehow showcase the timelessness of Florence. 

Featured Hotel: W South Beach

Fisher Island might offer you with a rich history and a beautiful charm, but that’s not why you come to Miami. A trip to Miami needs something in the very heart of South Beach, and it really doesn’t get better than the sexy W South Beach. The iconic 312 hotel offers you with all sorts of comforts that you can possibly dream of – from beautiful views and elegant landscaping to a hot poolside scene and terraces that overlook the ocean. W South Beach is also known to be an ideal place to check out the hottest celebrities in the area.

Featured Nightclub: Treehouse

Treehouse helps you to satiate all your fantasy dreams by allowing you to party with some of your childhood characters such as the Lost Boys and Peter Pan. Considered to be one of the hottest nightclubs in the South Beach area, Treehouse is definitely the place to be for you’re looking for quality acts, an undulating atmosphere, sexy bodies, amazing DJs and the best crowd of South Beach. And with the kind of beats that this place has to offer, you don’t really need those lights or smokes to get high.

Featured Spa: ESPA at Acqualina

ESPA, one of the most revered spa brands in Europe, has managed to maintain its exceptionally high standards in the US as well. Considered to be the first of its kind in the United States of America, the ESPA at Acqualina is located in the beautiful Acqualina Resort and Spa, close to the shopping district of Bal Harbour. The Spa offers its patrons with breathtaking decor, a relaxed atmosphere, unique treatments based on Ayuryedic principles and world class facilities.

OROGOLD Tip – Try out the signature 80 minute Anti-Aging Peel Facial at the ESPA at Acqualina.

Featured Restaurant: The Bazaar by José Andrés

Jose Andres is considered to be one of the finest chefs in the world and he brings groundbreaking culinary pyrotechnics with him to The Bazaar. Jose is famous for his unique experiments of the Spanish cuisine and his restaurant enjoys a stunning location in the SLS Hotel. Designed by popular designer Philippe Starck, the Bazaar by Jose Andres offers its guests with an extremely elegant dining room, an indoor piazza and delightful lounge spaces. Jose gained popularity for perfectly combining the old world delights with modern day cuisines and you can find all sorts of dishes here – right from the local Singaporean street food to the Cuban churrasco. The dinner menu at the Bazaar includes a selection of “Singapore Connection” dishes, exotic “New Generation Nigiri” Seafood and playful Latin flavors.

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