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Nightlife in Houston is vibrant and diverse, offering up no shortage of places at which you can spend your evening hours. Whether you are seeking a pulsating night club or a sizzling Latin lounge, these are five of the city’s best spots to head to after dark.

Tango dance

Club Tropicana
While many clubs in Houston rely on commercial DJs to draw a crowd, Club Tropicana does not need any of that, as its determined focus on being the top Latin dance bar in the city is enough to really set it apart from the crowd. The club is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, until two in the morning, and features live Latin music throughout the night. For those who have never danced to Latin music before, Club Tropicana also offers free salsa lessons on Tuesdays and Fridays, giving you the opportunity to pick up a new skill whilst having plenty of fun.

One of the most technologically advanced mega clubs in the entire country, Rich’s offers nothing but the best, and this applies to everything from its sound and lighting systems to its personal VIP service. With this unstoppable emphasis on top-class service, Rich’s manages to attract the hottest names in the music industry, with everyone from Tiesto to John Digweed to Ferry Corsten having made an appearance here.

Nouveau Antique Art Bar
While throbbing mega clubs may appeal to some, others prefer quieter and highly cultured surroundings, and this is where the Nouveau Antique Art Bar comes into play. Established in 2009, this bar features one of the largest private collections of reproduction Tiffany lamps, as well as unique art nouveau furniture and stained glass.

Friends playing music

Numbers has been running for almost 30 years now, making it the oldest venue in Houston for live music, both local and international. Since its early days, it has evolved into a club that offers quite a diverse range of acts, but it is most loved on Friday nights, when they host their Classic Numbers party, playing a selection of retro songs that keeps the past alive. They are also known for their popular tribute nights, with the recent Bowie tribute night being a huge success.

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar
Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar is always filled with an exciting energy, thanks to the two piano players that perform toe-tapping tunes throughout the night. From Elvis to Sinatra, the audience is always invited to sing or clap along, and even the bar and waiting staff join in on the fun. The pianists are always happy to take requests, so whatever your music tastes may be, you will no doubt enjoy yourself here. When it comes to the drinks served here, the speciality cocktails are a must-try, with the bar staff happy to customize them to your tastes.

The incredible diversity of Houston’s nightlife scene is what makes it so special. No matter what you may be in the mood for, whether it be classic piano tunes or the latest dance hits, Houston will have a venue that will be able to provide this.

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