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Dutch liquorice

Known as liquorice in English, drop is the most beloved candy in all of the Netherlands, and makes up over 20% of the candy sold all over the country. With the average Dutch person eating over 2kg of drop each year, it is no surprise that an endless number of varieties of the candy are available in the Netherlands, each with their own unique texture, flavor, shape and size.

Knows as honey drop in English, honingdrop is a great drop for those who are new to liquorice to try, as it is mild, sweet and soothing. Made with honey, this drop is believed to be beneficial when you have a sore throat. There are two main types of honingdrop that you are likely to see wherever you go in the Netherlands, with the first having a hard texture and usually shaped like a bee hive, and the second having a soft and chewy texture and is most often found in the shape of a round honeycomb.

Katjes Drop
Katjes drop is liquorice candy that is shaped like a cat, and was first introduced to the Netherlands in the 1930s. Needless to say, it was extremely well received. This drop is usually quite hard in texture, with a sweet flavor, making it another great one for drop beginners to try.

Dubbel Zoute
Dubbel zoute is a drop that you will either immediately love or hate. The texture, shape and size of dubbel zoute can vary, but they will always have one thing in common; ammonium chloride. This is a form of salt that is used in this candy, giving it the English name of double salty liquorice, and, unless you already have an acquired taste for drop, try not to let dubbel zoute be the first variety that you try! This drop will usually be black in color, and inscribed with the letters DZ.


Muntendrop takes the shape of coins, and are usually hard but quite chewy. This is one to try if you enjoy a fairly strong and traditional liquorice taste without too much sweetness, with the hint of salt that runs through definitely making it extremely more-ish. Muntendrop can be found in a variety of sizes, from miniature coins that are convenient for storing in your pocket to the jumbo sized coins that make a fantastic gift.

Engelse Drop
Otherwise known as English drop, Engelse drop is the type of liquorice that is extremely popular in the UK and across continental Europe, known locally as liquorice allsorts. This is a variety that sweet candy lovers are likely to enjoy, as it consists of a colorful shape of layered candy and liquorice. Perhaps due to the international appeal of the product, the shapes vary drastically, from simple rounds to elegant flowers to spiralled twists.

Not only is drop tasty, but it also has a variety of health benefits. From its anti-inflammatory properties to a traditional remedy for respiratory conditions, this is a candy that may actually do you some good!

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