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April is one of the best times of year to travel to other countries. Europe will have started to warm up after a long winter, whilst countries that are nearer to the equator will not yet be experiencing the scorching heat of the summer months. In addition to this, many countries also celebrate the arrival of Spring in different ways, meaning that with some careful planning, you will also be able to join in the festivities. OROGOLD shows you where to go in April and enjoy the best spring travel experiences around the world.

Breathtaking image of a temple in Thailand.

Each April in Thailand signifies the start of the Thai New Year, which is celebrated with the biggest water fight in the world. Locals and tourists, young and old, take to the streets with water guns and water balloons, soaking each other but quickly drying off under the Thai sun. The festival runs for 3 days in mid-April, which gives you enough time to spend a few days exploring other parts of Thailand, whether it be the beaches of Phuket or the rainforests of Chiang Mai.

Breathtaking sunset views of Beirut.

Beirut is a great place to go in April, as you can not only lie in the sun, but also ski up in the mountains just over an hour away. The mountains are impressive and evocative of the Alps, and still have good snow at this time of the year. Beirut is also home to Château Ksara, the oldest vineyard in the Middle East, which used to be run by Jesuit monks, and tours of the vineyard, as well as wine tastings, can be booked in advance. For those who like history, there are many ancient ruins that you can visit, and unlike other countries, you generally will not find swarms of tourists everywhere.

Views of the Ginkakuji temple in Japan

Japan’s cherry blossoms blooming are perhaps one of the most famous spring icons around the world, and the true spectacle of this beautiful display of nature needs to be witnessed first hand in order to really be appreciated. The best place to go for this is Kyoto, where you can also enjoy the many palaces and gardens that will be blooming with color. Kyoto is also a great starting point from which you can explore other areas of Japan. Visit traditional Japanese villages, eat the best of local food, and don’t forget to take a ride on the bullet train.

Elephant splashing water on a woman in the Chitwan National Park.

When most people think of Nepal, they automatically think of mountains, but there is a thin stretch of land at the south of the country which is completely flat. These plains are home to two national parks, both of which keep an endangered species of one-horned rhino. To see these magnificent creatures, as well as tigers, elephants and other wildlife, April is the best time, as the tall grass, which usually reaches above head-level, will have been cut down, revealing the diverse animal kingdom within.

Although there are so many great places to choose from for your April holiday, ORO GOLD recommends you to book as early as possible. If your vacation is more of a last-minute decision, get in touch with hotels directly, as they will sometimes be able to offer you a good late availability rate.

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