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Hawaii is one of the most isolated archipelagos in the world, formed by volcanic eruptions that took place on the floor of the ocean. Since ancient times, Hawaii has been known to have strong healing powers, and, if there was any form of illness, ancient Hawaiians took this to mean that there was some form of imbalance in the patient’s life, be it physical, mental or spiritual. In addition to using psycho-spiritual methods to heal people, Hawaiians also make full use of their many unique native medicinal plants and herbs, as well as of the natural energy that comes from these magical islands. Although many of these traditional Hawaiian healing practices were lost once the European settlers arrived, they are now gaining in popularity again, as locals are not only trying to revive their native culture, but tourists are also discovering that there is much more to Hawaii than what meets the eye.

Lava flowing in Hawaii at twilight.

Natural Healing Energy
Ley lines are lines of force that travel between certain geographical locations, and Hawaii’s positioning on the planet has turned the islands into a vortex of energy. There is an especially powerful force at the opening of a volcano on Big Island, which is why many turn to this island for healing purposes. The perfect natural balance that Hawaii experiences, also known as feng shui, is nurturing and open, while the winds keep the pollution away, and the lush green mountains perfectly harmonize with the emerald waters.

Ho’oponopono is one of the most ancient of Hawaiian traditions, and used to be performed by healing priests on anyone that was sick or injured. In essence, Ho’oponopono means to make things right in your life, wiping your slate clean and returning your mind to the pure state that it was in when you were born. It is still practiced a great deal today, but rather than being conducted by a healing priest, it is usually carried out by the senior member of a family. Hawaiian courts even order adult offenders, as well as juveniles, to visit a court-approved practitioner who will carry out Ho’oponopono with the offender and their family.

Wellness retreat in Hawaii

Health and Wellness Healing Retreats
As traditional healing techniques are once again being embraced by more and more people around the world, many are turning to Hawaii for help, attending healing retreats throughout the state. The retreats vary greatly depending on what you are looking for, from casual vacation homes that offer healing labyrinths, medicine wheels and organic produce grown on site, to offer a more natural way of living, to more structured retreats that have scheduled activities.

If you like the idea of a healing retreat but don’t want anything too intensive, OROGOLD recommends taking a look at one of the many Hawaiian spas, that offer natural and traditional techniques in a more luxurious setting. With such a powerful spiritual energy, the perfect balance of feng shui in the environment, and the healing nature of the Hawaiian culture, Hawaii is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a vacation for your mind as well as your body.

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