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The healing power of hot springs fascinates cultures across the world, and in some cultures in particular they hold a particular power where they are part of traditions. Not everyone has as reverent a view of them though. Regardless of your views, OROGOLD and others can highlight there is certainly something therapeutic about the relaxation itself. Warm baths are often recommended for relaxation and adding mineral salts to them provides benefits for health and beauty. This means it makes perfect sense to avail yourself of some of the various hot springs around the world the next time you go on vacation.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland
While the almost arctic chill of Iceland seems like one of the least logical places to go for a relaxing hot spring, it actually makes perfect sense. The country makes extensive use of geothermal energy and the further upside is that the same aspects of the region that lets them do that also gives rise to a variety of hot springs. The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most famous hot spring locations. It gained its name not for being a body of water amidst rocks, but instead for the stunningly blue color of the mineral water of the springs themselves. The combination of minerals make this destination not only a visually stunning, but uniquely relaxing experience for anyone. Space within is always in demand though and travelers should remember to book in advance.

Glacier Hot Pools, New Zealand
Tucked away in the forests of New Zealand, the Glacier Hot Pools are situated in another country not many people would initially think to credit for hot springs. One of the larger draws is the natural beauty of the location that the owners of the area enhance. The hot springs are offered in the form of a larger, public pools available to anyone, and private retreat pools for individuals or couples that wish to enjoy the natural beauty of the location on their own. The pools, like Takaragawa onsen, enjoy their own local stories as to the mystic origins of the waters. Regardless of their origins, anyone seeking further relaxation can also make use of the one location spa.

Takaragawa Onsen, Japan

Takaragawa Onsen, Japan
Japan enjoys a particularly special relationship with its hot springs (onsen) and places them highly in their cultural traditions and media. The Takaragawa onsen enjoys a particular position as it is within day trip distance of Tokyo itself, but the onsen itself is situated amidst countryside. This provides a distinct contract to the constant movement and modernity of Tokyo itself. Due to the historical use of the onsen, a variety of stories are told of the nigh mystical healing properties of the waters that have aided countless people before. So whether you’re seeking relief from a physical ailment or just wish to breath clean country air for a while, they make for an excellent stop for tourists in Japan.

Sinking deep into the warm waters of a hot spring is sure to make your forget about the world, but try not to entirely forget about it. There are plenty of other worthy hot springs in the world beyond those recommended by OROGOLD. Staying alert in your travels means you might even uncover a hidden gem no one knows about and be able to claim you have your own personal retreat from the world.

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