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Madison Ave, New York street signNew York City is known as one of the prime shopping destinations in the world, but with so many different neighborhoods and areas to choose from, each offering quite a different shopping experience, it can often be difficult to know where to start. To help you out, OROGOLD has put together a quick guide to some of the hottest shopping spots in NYC.

With its cobblestone streets, cast-iron architecture and artsy atmosphere, SoHo has a distinctive vibe that simply can’t be compared to other NYC neighborhoods. Broadway is the most commercial shopping strip in SoHo, and is where you will find Club Monaco, Victoria’s Secret, and Swedish department store H&M. The Bloomingdale’s downtown branch is also on Broadway, while the Prada flagship store is just a short walk away. In addition to these big names, SoHo has its fair share of avant-garde fashion stores, shoe stores and quirky boutiques, and it is quite easy to spend the entire day browsing the many stores in the neighborhood.

Madison Avenue
Between 57th and 79th, Madison Avenue has some of the most costly real estate in the entire world, meaning that you’d better come prepared with your credit cards! Of course, this is where Barneys New York is, as well as Ralph Lauren and the luxury Chinese boutique Shanghai Tang. It is also on Madison Avenue where you will find our very own OROGOLD flagship store, where our trained beauticians will be able to give you valuable skin care advice as well as product demonstrations.

Union Square
In recent years, Union Square has turned into one of the city’s hottest shopping spots. To the south of the square, you will be able to find Forever 21, as well as the Designer Shoe Warehouse and a Whole Foods store. The north side of the square has some great bookshops, such as the Strand Bookstore, as well as the Barnes & Noble that is located inside a stunningly restored cast-iron building that dates all the way back to 1880. Nearby, on University Place, are some great lingerie stores, while a short walk away will take you to stylish antique and furniture shops.

Greenwich Village
When it comes to needing to buy gifts, records, books, antiques, and gourmet foods, every New Yorker knows that the West Village is the place to go. For those of you who are foodies, OROGOLD recommends taking a stroll to explore some of the mouthwatering food stores, selling everything from gourmet ice cream to freshly baked bread to speciality cheeses. If you are looking for some unique and crafty gifts, there are many locally owned stores specialising in this throughout the Village, many of which also offer art or craft classes.

Whether you’re looking for a designer dress for a big event, or a special gift for your best friend’s birthday, there is no better place than NYC to go shopping for it. From the upscale stores of Madison Avenue to the quirky boutiques dotted throughout SoHo, OROGOLD’s guide to the hottest shopping spots in NYC will definitely come in use the next time you are planning a shopping trip.

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