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While you are unlikely to be able to explore the whole of LA on foot, this is still a great way to discover the intricacies of many parts of the city. From its history to its culture to its architecture, these walking tours showcase some of the very best that LA has to offer.

Union Station
Los Angeles Conservancy
The Los Angeles Conservancy is an organization that works to preserve and revitalize LA’s historic, cultural and architectural resources, and offers a variety of different walking tours that focus on these subjects. One of their most popular tours is their Historic Downtown Tour, which covers the historical and cultural landmarks of downtown LA, and is held every Saturday morning. For those who want to focus more on the city’s art and architecture, the Art Deco Tour highlights architecture from the 1920’s and 1930’s, while the Union Station Tour celebrates the architecture, art and social history of one of LA’s most important landmarks. Other Los Angeles Conservancy tours worth considering are the Modern Skyline tour, the Broadway Historic Theatre and Commercial District Tour, and the Angelino Heights Tour.

Downtown LA Walking Tours
Downtown LA Walking Tours was established in 2009, and is another company that offers a wide range of different tours. For those wanting to learn more about the history of the city, LA’s Beginnings is a great tour to sign up for, as it shows you how LA was transformed from a humble pueblo into a world class city by taking you to some of the city’s most significant monuments, from the Chinatown Gateway to the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels. The Arts District Tour is also a fascinating one, and covers the way in which LA’s Arts District has evolved over the years, while stopping off at some important galleries, as well as areas that feature creative street art.

Hollywood Sign
Hikes and Bikes LA
Hikes and Bikes LA offers a tour that is ideal for those who want to experience some of LA’s incredible natural beauty, while also experiencing some of its most iconic sights. The Hollywood Hills Hiking Tour is held daily in the mornings, but there is also a sunset hike in the late afternoons. The hike takes you up into the Hollywood Hills, where you will be able to see the famous Hollywood Sign, while learning about its evolution, as well as visit the Griffith Park Observatory. The hike takes you right up to the summit of the mountain, and from here you will be able to enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind 360 degree view of the entire LA basin.

There are so many parts of LA that can only be properly appreciated when on foot, and these walking tours help you to do that. Whether you want to learn more about the art and architecture of Downtown Los Angeles, or enjoy a view of the city from above, these tours are all worth looking into further, whether you happen to be an LA native or a first-time visitor.

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