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It is always a great feeling to get close to nature, but it can often end up being inconvenient saying goodbye to your luxury comforts. Fortunately, OROGOLD has found some exciting destinations that offer up a luxurious way to spend some time with nature, whether it be at an exclusive private island resort or a secluded forest retreat.

Stunning views of a beach paradise in Fiji.

The Wakaya Club & Spa Private Island Resort, Fiji
This gorgeous private island, nestled in a secluded and pristine corner of the South Pacific, has been owned by Canadian entrepreneur David Gilmore since 1973, who built one of the most luxurious and exclusive resorts in the world on it. A favorite vacation spot among many A-list celebrities, Wakaya Island is a 2,200 acre tropical paradise, and is part of an archipelago made up of around 300 small islands. With a protected coral reef, powdery white sand beaches, and glittering blue lagoons, Wakaya Island is the ideal destination for a taste of tropical island life, outstanding snorkelling and diving opportunities, and plenty of indulgent facilities at the resort.

Mount McKinley and Trapper Creek, Alaska.

Triple Creek Ranch, Montana
Situated on the slope of Trapper Peak, the highest mountain in Montana, is the Triple Creek Ranch, a 600 acre intimate luxury resort. With acres of unspoiled wilderness, where buffalo and elk roam freely, the whole area is an exciting natural adventure playground in itself. The accommodation varies depending on your requirements, be it an indoor whirlpool tub or a private outdoor hot tub. There are plenty of nature-related activities to enjoy, from horseback riding through mountain trails to a nature safari through the part of the land that has become an unofficial conservation area. All meals and drinks are included, meaning that you can relax and indulge in the gourmet cuisine created by the talented chef.

Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

Hotel Esencia, Mexico
Originally built to be the private home for an Italian duchess, Hotel Esencia enjoys an ideal location, placed at the point where the Yucatan jungle melts into the golden sands of Xpu-Ha, one of the last remaining untouched shores of the Mayan Riviera. With tropical vegetation on one side, and pristine waters on the other, Hotel Esencia offers the opportunity for unparalleled nature exploration. The 50 acre estate also has two swimming pools, an organic Mayan spa complete with domed steam rooms, a gourmet restaurant specializing in fresh seafood dishes, and a private beach – all of the facilities that you could possibly need after a busy day of hiking through the jungle and cooling off in the turquoise sea.

As more and more parts of the world end up becoming developed, it can sometimes be hard to find somewhere where you can appreciate the wonders of untouched nature, as well as enjoy the luxuries that come from world-class accommodation. If you are looking to plan a holiday around a destination that offers nature exploration opportunities, OROGOLD would recommend that you take the weather and seasons into account, as this has a huge impact on the type and diversity of nature that you see.

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