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Colonial Mexico

From cultural etiquette to useful safety tips, there are always certain things that you should be aware of when traveling to a new country. To make your next Mexican vacation as enjoyable as possible, OROGOLD has put together some handy Mexico travel tips.

Learn Some Spanish Phrases
Even if you are only able to remember a few words, OROGOLD would always recommend learning a bit of Spanish before traveling to Mexico. Locals will appreciate the effort you are making, no matter how comprehensible your Spanish actually is, and you are likely to greatly improve this new skill of yours, even if you are only in Mexico for a few days.

Stay Away From Tap Water
This is a tip that seasoned Mexico travelers will already be well aware of, but it is an important one for first-timers to always keep in mind. Most hotels will provide bottled water, although OROGOLD would also recommend purchasing some from a local store so that you never run out. OROGOLD also advises that you be careful when consuming drinks containing ice, especially outside of your hotel, as the water used may not have come from a safe source.

Always Carry Some Cash
While your credit cards may be what you rely on at home, Mexico does not run on plastic in the same way that other countries do. OROGOLD advises that you always carry some cash with you, exchanging your currency before traveling in order to avoid extortionate exchange rates. Similarly, some establishments will allow you to pay in US dollars, but it is usually best to pay in pesos if you want the best deal possible.

Take Care of Your Stomach
In addition to being vigilant about the water that you drink, you need to also keep an eye on the food that you eat. Mexican food is known for its bold flavors and spice, but, if you aren’t usually good with spicy foods, it is important to begin with blander dishes in order to slowly get your stomach used to the heat. If you ever feel unsure about something that you are about to eat, OROGOLD would recommend listening to your gut instinct and staying away from it, no matter how tasty it may look!

Let Your Guard Down
Traveling around a new country can often result in people being extra-cautious, but Mexicans are known for their warmth, hospitality and generosity. If you let your guard down, you will be able to experience this for yourself, interacting with locals in a way that you would not have otherwise been able to.

Filled with extraordinary natural beauty, important historical landmarks, a diverse cultural heritage, and so much more, Mexico really does have something for just about everybody. Whether this is your first visit to the country, or you are returning once again to your favorite Mexican destination, do keep our travel tips in mind.

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