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Spanish food is world-famous, but every region within Spain actually has their own unique traditional foods. From chilled almond soup to the different types of local dessert wines, these are some of the dishes in Marbella that you absolutely have to try.

Ajo Blanco
Known in English as a chilled almond soup, Ajo Blanco is a popular Marbellan dish that dates back to the Moorish middle ages, and traditionally consisted of nothing but bread, almonds, garlic and seasonings. Modern versions have taken this dish to delicious new levels, incorporating ingredients that really add to the flavors and textures of the traditional soup. From the additions of a rich garlic aioli to cooling cucumbers and spicy jalapeños, you are likely to encounter quite a variety of styles of Ajo Blanco throughout Marbella.

Grilled fish

Fresh Grilled Fish
While there may be many restaurants throughout the city that promise to serve up the freshest and tastiest grilled fish, none of them can compare to the fisherman on the beach, who fill their boats with sand and burning coal before grilling their freshly caught haul, which usually consists of sardines. This makes for the perfect beachside meal, especially when served up along with green marinated olives, toasted bread and a local aioli.

Malaga Salad
Although the famous Malaga Salad originated in nearby Malaga, this is a dish that you will find all over Marbella, as it provides a filling meal while also being incredibly refreshing. While the combination of cold potatoes, cod, olives and slices of orange, topped with an olive oil dressing, may initially seem quite odd, the flavors and textures all work together beautifully, making this a dish that very rarely disappoints.

Another cold salad, the Pipirrana may seem extremely simple, but some of the tastiest dishes out there always are. This dish consists of red and green peppers and tomatoes that have been tossed with olives, tuna and mussels, with other types of seafood often added, before being drizzled with olive oil and salt.

dessert wines

Dessert Wines
Spanish wines have a fantastic, and well-deserved, reputation, mostly due to the fact that the Mediterranean climate lends itself perfectly to wine production. The local dessert wines, which are the ideal accompaniment to an afternoon on the beach, can be separated into two main categories. The first are sweet wines, which have been created with grapes that have been over-ripened by the sun, meaning that their sugar content is quite high, while the second is liquor wines, which have had extra alcohol added to the initial grape juice, halting their fermentation and resulting in quite a dry final product. Both of these varieties are definitely worth trying, so be sure to seek them out when you are in Marbella.

In addition to all of the famous Spanish foods that you will find in Marbella, from paella to tapas, the city also boasts a number of unique local dishes that are well worth trying. From the refreshing Ajo Blanco to freshly grilled sardines, these dishes perfectly embody the heart of Marbellan cuisine.

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