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While New York Fashion Week may attract the most attention from the industry, there are many other fashion events around the city that are well worth visiting. Artists & Fleas is a great example of this, creating dynamic markets that showcase the very best of fashion, style, design and art. First established in a former warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2003, Artists & Fleas has expanded over the past decade and earned itself an international reputation, not only among serious shoppers, but also with fashion buyers, trend-spotters and creative entrepreneurs. Now, in addition to their Williamsburg location, Artists & Fleas have also opened up permanently in Chelsea Market, bringing in new sellers every other week to ensure that new and emerging designers have the opportunity to showcase their work.

Artists & Fleas’ Style Studio, Williamsburg
This year will see Artists & Fleas host their second annual Style Studio, an event that focuses on inspiring collaborations, creative photo shoots starring market shoppers and impromptu fashion shows, right in the middle of the market. The market will feature over 100 different sellers, each offering a unique range of items, as well as exclusive vintage pieces and exciting product debuts. Some of the fashion vendors that you will be able to visit include Nanako, a fashion designer that combines influences from the East and West, Electric Sunshine, a New York screen-printed t-shirt brand, and Peri, a clothing line that makes use of organic, biodegradable and recyclable materials. The event will also be attended by stylist, fashion influencer and vintage expert Natalie Joos, who will be available on the day to share her valuable fashion advice with shoppers, and who will also be able to help you to put together some incredible outfits.

Artists & Fleas, Chelsea Market
Those of you who aren’t able to make it over to Brooklyn for the Artists & Fleas’ Style Studio can still take a look at products on sale at Chelsea Market, as this is open every day. The market is located directly beneath New York’s High Line, making access to it extremely easy. While there are only about 30 sellers here, compared to the 100 that will be at the Artists & Fleas’ Style Studio, the market is still a great place to browse, not only for fashion but also for homeware, furnishings, jewelery, accessories and more.

New York is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, and while this is true at any time of the year, the city really comes alive with design and style during New York Fashion Week. While the big names that are showing at the official Fashion Week shows are always worth seeing, OROGOLD reminds you not to forget about the extraordinary fashion that can be found throughout the rest of the city, as we have no doubt that you will find this just as inspiring.

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