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Cruise shipLuxury cruising is emerging as one of the hottest and most popular travel trends around the globe. More and more people are giving into these sinful sea adventures and cruise lines are catering to the ever increasing demand by coming up with new and improved cruise ships that focus on offering guests with personalized and luxurious experiences. In a world where wellness is fast becoming the new form of luxury, most major cruise liners are also upgrading their offerings to ensure that each trip is not only comfortable, but extremely relaxing and adventurous.

OROGOLD recently learned about a brand new luxury cruise ship that is all set to debut in the year 2016. This ship is all set to feature one of the most expensive and largest suites that have ever been offered by cruise ships. The ship is being launched by Regent Seven Seas and it shall cost you about $5000 per person, per night for a luxury suite that is almost as big as a normal house. The suite shall be placed on board the brand new Regent Seven Seas Explorer and it offers you with 3875 sq. ft. of space. This elaborate suite includes two bedrooms, a grand piano, three-sided view, a private sauna, treatment area, a personal spa retreat and steam room. It has been designed for at least two people and it can easily accommodate up to four people. All cabin fares on the ship include shore excursions, dining and tips; but the Regent Suite price also includes laundry services, a private car with chauffeur, an on-call butler, limousine transportation to and from the ship and unlimited spa treatments.

The Regent Seven Seas Explorer has room for a maximum of 750 guests and it is the brand’s first new ship since the year 2003. That being said, the iconic cruise line just completed a massive $150 million refurbishment on three other cruise ships that it owns. There is no doubt that the Regent Seven Seas is a part of an emerging trend where cruise lines try to replicate luxury resort-like experiences in their ships so that passengers barely feel like they’re at sea and can enjoy all the wonders that high-end luxury resorts usually offer.

Travel experts around the globe predict that Regent shouldn’t have any issues in selling this exorbitant suite because the top-priced suite and the cheapest cabins are always the first to get booked on any luxury cruise liner. The Regent Seven Seas Explorer is all set to launch in the month of July 2016 and its first few voyages shall be centric to Europe. The first of its 11 sailings shall be from Monte Carlo – Venice. What makes the Regent Seven Seas Explorer so special is that despite being a large ship, it is not being designed to carry too many passengers. This means that you will never have to run into a queue at the bar and never have trouble in finding a seat in the lounge before dinner. Basically, what guests pay for while choosing the Regent Seven Seas Explorer is that they will never have to wait!

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