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Beautiful woman in Hong Kong

The women of Hong Kong are famous for looking years younger than their actual age. Two of the main reasons why they enjoy younger and beautiful looks are their diet and their lifestyle. There are several things that work wonders for the anti-aging routines of these women and incorporating these solutions into your own skin care routine can also work wonders for you. OROGOLD Cosmetics unfolds the best anti-aging secrets from Hong Kong to help you age gracefully and stay slim.

Green tea

Hong Kong women are famous for drinking a lot of green tea. Green tea is considered to be a powerhouse of benefits for your skin and for your overall health. It is full of metabolism-boosting properties and antioxidants and is a must for anyone looking for effective anti-aging solutions.

Food for the skin

They say that it is important to nourish the heart, the lungs and the spleen if you wish to ensure that the skin looks younger. There are a number of Asian herbs like ginseng, ganoderma mushrooms, red dates, fleeceflower roots and lily bulbs that help in preventing the signs of aging and maintaining a youthful complexion.


OROGOLD found soy to be an integral part of the Asian diet. Soy is a plant based protein that offers a delicious alternative to spice up the meal and offers all sorts of skin and health benefits. Soy sauce, tofu and miso are some of the best options for people wanting to add soy to their everyday diet.

Physically active lifestyles

Cities like Hong Kong boast of a fantastic public transportation system that offers a much better alternative over driving. This means that the locals are very active and they walk a lot on a daily basis. Walking and jogging are ideal ways of staying slim and looking young.

Protecting the skin from the sun

The sun isn’t friendly at all for your skin. It throws down harmful UV rays on your skin that break up the collagen and lead to fine lines and wrinkles. The women of Hong Kong are extremely serious about using sunscreens, carrying umbrellas and wearing hats to shield the face from the harmful UV rays.

The Hong Kong dessert usually contains fresh fruits only

Contrary to western lifestyles, the people of Hong Kong usually prefer fresh fruits as desserts. Most of the Asian desserts are also known to be full of tofu and nuts. This helps in dramatically reducing the caloric consumption and offering the body with ingredients that work wonders in beautifying the skin.


Whether in food or in tea, Hong Kong just loves using ginger. And ginger is known to improve the immune system and stimulate blood circulation.

Minimal dairy intake

The use of dairy products in a standard Asian diet is quite minimal. Modern science has already given us so many reasons to cut out on those dairy products, the most obvious product being milk.

Chinese medicine stresses on healing from within

Western medicine usually provides immediate cures using pharmaceutical drugs. On the other hand, Chinese medicine has been ingrained with the importance of treating the disease from within and strengthening the body from its roots. Instead of using drugs that offer immediate cures, the Chinese are famous for choosing soups and medicines that promote long-term internal healing.

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