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Woman packing her clothes.

Fall is one of the best times of the year to travel around Europe, but the inconsistent weather can make it difficult to know what to pack, especially if you want to always be looking as chic as possible when touring around European cities! To help you with this often-dreaded task, take a look at some of OROGOLD’s tips on what to pack for a fall Euro vacation.

Neutral Colors
Neutral colors, such as black, denim, navy and gray, are ones that you can’t go wrong with, so try sticking to those colors when packing. To add some brightness to each outfit, pack a few items, such as a t-shirt, sweater or scarf, that have colorful accents or a fun print. Similarly, you could also choose to stick to black for all of your bottoms, and choose brighter, vibrant colors for all of your tops.

Two Jackets
While we know that you will want to pack as lightly as possible for your trip, this tip is for those who plan to take many photographs during their trip. Since most of your photographs will be taken outdoors, and you are likely to always need to be wearing a jacket in the fall in Europe, it may be a good idea to have two to alternate with, so that you aren’t wearing the same thing in all of your vacation snaps! To help save space, be sure to wear the bulkiest one on the flight, saving the lighter one for your suitcase.

Comfortable Shoes
While it may be tempting to pack your best looking pairs, OROGOLD stresses the importance of comfortable shoes when on a Euro vacation. You are likely to be walking around much more than you usually would at home, whether it may be for sightseeing, shopping or simply exploring a city, and the last thing that you want to have to deal with is aching feet. A pair of sneakers is a must for the day time, while a pair of flats, such as ballet pumps, can work for both day and evening.

A Portable Charger
A portable charger is one of those items that you may initially feel as though you will never use, but then end up using every single day without fail. These handy little gadgets can be charged up each night, and then used to charge your phone during the day, especially useful if you have been using it to take lots of photographs. Even better, most portable chargers will enable you to carry out a full charge on your phone multiple times before it needs to be re-charged. For those of you who carry around a variety of electronic devices, OROGOLD would suggest taking a look at some of the multi-device portable chargers out there.

Packing for a fall Euro vacation need not be stressful. The most important thing to remember is to be as organized as possible, making the most of checklists and packing tips, while also being honest with yourself about what you really do and do not need!

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