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Fitness class

With a focus on healthy living and sunny weather, LA is where you will find some of the best workouts around. From a dance class taught by one of the industry’s top choreographers to bringing out your inner child with an afternoon on a trampoline, these are some of the top workouts in LA.

Jumping Fitness
Located near Redondo Beach, Jumping Fitness is a workout that will no doubt make you feel like a child again, with each session focused around trampolines. Beat-driven music provides some extra motivation, and each of these high energy sessions promises to burn up to 1000 calories, whilst strengthening your abs, legs and upper body at the same time.

Sweaty Sundays
LA has an astonishing number of dance classes, and while these are always a fun and lively workout, it can be hard knowing which one to sign up for. The Sweat Spot is known for their dance classes that are taught by professional dancers, but it is their Sweaty Sunday┬ásessions that really stand out. The classes are led by Ryan Heffington, who has not only worked with Britney Spears and Ke$ha, but was also recently commissioned by MOCA to create a dance program for the museum. The sessions are held twice every Sunday, and feature Heffington’s signature style of hi-lo moves, guaranteeing a heart pumping workout.

AIR Aerial Fitness
While AIR Aerial Fitness offers quite a mellow yoga class, their high energy fitness classes are their most popular, enabling participants to get in touch with their inner acrobat. The sessions centre around silk loops that hang from the ceiling, designed to be climbed on, twisted, swung upon and scaled. The concept originally arose from the theory that hanging upside down does wonders for increasing lung capacity, and many aspects of each workout contain elements borrowed from ballet, pilates and intense athletic conditioning.

World Dodgeball Society
LA’s Dodgeball Society has locations all over the city, making it easy to find one near you. Dodgeball is a sport that has recently made a huge comeback due to its competitive workouts combined with social activities. A high fitness level is not required, and anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to join in a game, with each session promising to be so much fun that you forget that you are trying to burn calories.

Sandbox Fitness
Working out on sand has been proven to be extremely beneficial, making use of a larger variety of muscles while still being gentle on the joints. While LA may be filled with gorgeous beaches, there are always times when you are not able to attend a workout class at the beach, and this is where Sandbox Fitness comes in. In addition to their huge indoor sandbox where classes are held, they also utilize a Surfset, which is an unstable surfboard designed for total body workouts, making a fitness class here just as good as a day at the beach.

The diversity of fitness classes in LA is incredible, making it easy to incorporate some variety into your regular workout routine. Whether you opt for an afternoon on a dodgeball court or an intense dance class, these fitness classes will not only get your heart racing, but also promise to be plenty of fun.

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