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With millions of people all over the world planning a vacation during peak times, it can often be hard to book a trip that doesn’t end up breaking the bank. But, with some good organization and pro-activity, OROGOLD believes that it is still possible to bag a bargain, even during the busiest months of the year.

Booking airline tickets.

The Prime Booking Window
According to research, there is a prime booking window when booking any flight, and this can end up saving you hundreds of dollars. If you’re flying within the US, the best time to book your flight is 47 days before departure, but, if you’re planning on flying to Europe, you should be booking your flight 270 days in advance. As a general rule, booking tickets between one to four months in advance will end up saving you some money.

People sharing their ideas on social media.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage
These days, pretty much every airline has their own social media accounts, using them to promote certain travel deals and offers. Many airlines, especially the smaller ones, offer one-day promotion codes, which they will usually tweet or post on Facebook. Airlines such as Virgin America and JetBlue often have flash sales, announcing these on Facebook and Instagram, whilst many hotel groups engage with their followers by offering free stays and other promotions. Your smartphone can be your greatest tool, as there are apps for the different social media sites, meaning that you can be checking for great deals throughout the day.

Sale alerts on a Smartphone.

Sign up for Alerts
The best vacation deals to be found are during sale, and the quickest way to find out about new sales is by making sure you’re on the list of people that are automatically alerted about them. Sign up with your favorite airlines and hotel groups, or with certain websites that will track the different fares on a specific route for you. Google Alerts can also be set up to send you an email each time new deals become available on the internet. You can filter the searches it does by using specific keywords, and can even set up an alert to let you know when a hotel room falls below a certain price.

Hotel room

Secret Hotel Websites
There are many websites out there that offer you great hotel deals on the condition that you don’t get to pick your hotel. Instead, you pick a specific location, as well as a star rating, and enter your budget, and the websites will then assign you to a hotel. If the star rating and location is more important to you than a brand name, then this is definitely an option that you should look into.

There are many great deals to be found when it comes to planning and booking a vacation, and as long as you stay ahead of the crowd, you will easily be able to find a deal that is perfect for you. Keep in mind that other factors, such as traveling from a different airport, traveling during the week rather than the weekend, and booking a package deal, can also be a huge influence on the price you pay, and the more flexible you can be, the better the deal you will find.

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