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Solana Beach

Nestled into the northern coast of California’s San Diego County, Solana Beach is a quaint coastal city that boasts secluded sandy beaches, delicious food and a buzzing nightlife scene. While it may be located just a thirty-minute drive from downtown San Diego, Solana Beach has a unique sense of character and charm, and a mellow, down to earth vibe that visitors always appreciate.

The Beaches
Solana Beach is home to five main beaches, but these can often be quite difficult to access due to the towering cliffs that are lined up along the edge of the water. Fortunately, there are staircases that run along the coastline that make the beaches slightly easier to reach. Fletcher Cove is one of the most popular beaches in the area, especially among surfers, and has a series of caves that visitors can spend some time exploring. Tide Beach is the beach with the best sand, and is also home to a number of tide pools, where, during low tide, starfish, crabs and tiny fish are visible.

The Restaurants
Solana Beach is home to some incredible restaurants, from intimate low-key cafés to upscale fine dining venues. Woody’s, which focuses on American cuisine, has a range of both casual and elegant seating options, from the plush wine lounge to the sleek dining room to the bar stools that are ideal for a quick bite. Solana Beach Crush is another popular restaurant in the city, serving up Italian-inspired dishes on their outdoor patio, complete with tabletop fire pit. Live entertainment accompanies guests as they choose from the extensive wine list, with 160 bottles of international wines, and snuggle up to the fire with their drink. For something more casual, the Lockwood Table Café is the place to go, with an innovative menu that will have you wanting to return time and time again. Their baked egg soufflés are always a hit with customers, as is their one-of-a-kind walnut butter.

The Nightlife
Solana Beach has some fantastic nightlife spots, with one of the hottest venues in town being the Belly Up Tavern. While it may be relatively small, this venue has hosted an impressive range of music acts, from some of the most sought-after artists in the industry to up and coming local groups. There are music acts held just about every night of the year, making this quite the hotspot amongst locals. The Culture Brewery and Tasting room is also another popular spot, and has a picturesque patio at the back where customers can relax with their drinks while enjoying a peek into some of the behind-the-scenes brewing action. The craft beers here are all highly revered, and the beer tenders extremely knowledgable and full of useful advice.

There is no denying the natural beauty that surrounds Solana Beach, and this is usually the city’s’ main attraction. However, once you are there, you will no doubt discover the unique charm that Solano Beach exudes, and it will not be long before you return back for another visit.

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