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While Singapore may be most known for its gleaming high-rise shopping malls, there are still a number of street markets to be found around the city. Whether you are seeking out traditional Chinese calligraphy or fashion from local designers, these are some of the street markets that you definitely should not miss.

Chinatown, Singapore

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Chinatown Street Market
The Chinatown Street Market is one of the most popular street markets in Singapore and is open every day of the week, although it tends to be at its best in the evenings. This is a market with an incredible array of goods, from authentic Chinese calligraphy to antiques to electronics, so you never know what you will end up finding here. To make it even better, this area is also known as Chinatown Food Street, because of all of the small restaurants and street food stalls lined up along the side, so try to coincide your visit with a meal time.

Market of Artists and Designers
The Market of Artists and Designers is held every month on Maxwell Road and brings together a wide range of local Singaporean designers. The market was initially conceived as a way for them to showcase their work, and has now been running since 2006. In addition to the fashion that you will see on display here, the market is also known for its music segment in the evenings, which sees local musicians putting on performances of their live original music.

Geylang Serai Bazaar 2017
The Geylang Serai Bazaar 2017 is an annual street market that is currently running until the end of June. While you will find everything from movie screenings to pop-up museums here, the focus of this market is on the food, the majority of which is Malay. From authentic otah-otah to innovative candyfloss burritos, this market gives you the opportunity to sample a few street food snacks that you would not be able to find anywhere else.

Bugis Street Market, Singapore

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Bugis Street Market
The Bugis Street Market, just like Chinatown’s, is another one that is open every day and is one of the largest street shopping locations in Singapore, boasting over 800 different vendors. This is a market that focuses on fashion and does so at extremely reasonable prices. Whether you are seeking out a new pair of stylish jeans or some fun t-shirts, this is the market to go to if you are looking for a bargain.

Zouk Flea & Easy
The oldest flea market in the country, Zouk Flea & Easy is held at the renowned Zouk nightclub four times a year on a Sunday. Being one of the best nightclubs in the region, music is a huge part of this market, and there are always top DJs spinning. When it comes to the goods for sale, you can expect a number of quirky finds, as well as vintage and branded items, without the high price tag.

While Singapore’s shopping malls offer an experience like no other, its street markets are not to be missed either. From the trendy vibe at the Zouk Flea & Easy market to the hustle and bustle of the Chinatown Street Market, make sure that you add these spots onto your itinerary when planning a shopping trip in Singapore.

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