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Moskvarium, Moscow, Russia

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The largest aquarium in Europe, the Moskvarium, which can be found in Moscow, is actually home to 80 different aquariums, all of which contain 8000 different species of sea creatures in total. For those visiting the aquarium this summer, here are a few of the activities that you can expect to enjoy.

Swimming With Dolphins
While you may not much feel like going for a swim in Moscow in the winter months, the summer months are absolutely perfect for this, so head to the Moskvarium where you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins. There are seven individual swimming pools dedicated to this activity, each one kept at a temperature of around 22 degrees Celsius. The pools have been built using the most modern of technology to really enhance your experience, and not only will you be able to splash around with these magnificent creatures, with experienced trainers next to you to provide guidance, but you will also be able to listen to the amazing sounds that they make beneath the surface of the water.

The Young Coach School
For those of you with young children who are interested in learning more about dolphins, the Young Coach School is a four hour activity that you simply have to sign up for. The session begins with a tour of the aquarium, which is then followed up by a lecture on everything to do with dolphins, from their behavioural habits to their characteristics, taught by a leading trainer. The children will then be able to watch the dolphins perform a few stunts, before playing with the dolphins from a platform. The session culminates with a ten minute interactive swimming session in the water with the dolphins, after which the children are then awarded with a diploma to recognize their participation.

The interior of Moskvarium, Moscow, Russia

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The Touch Pool
At many aquariums around the world, visitors are kept completely separate from sea creatures, and can only view them through glass. However, the Moskvarium contains a touch pool that will no doubt delight visitors of all ages, as this gives them the opportunity to reach in and touch a few different creatures. From carps and stingrays to sea stars, this is a part of the aquarium at which you are likely to spend quite a bit of time.

Water Show
The Moskvarium hosts several water shows during the weekends, featuring orcas and dolphins. These shows consist of the creatures performing a number of different stunts, and include some opportunities for guest interactions too.

While the Moskvarium may offer up several different activities that are perfect for the summer months in Moscow, do keep in mind that many consider this to be quite a controversial facility. Many believe that the habitat provided for the majority of the sea creatures here is completely unnatural, and there has been much suspicion raised over the years on the animal welfare standards that the facility has, so do have a think about the ethics of the Moskvarium before deciding whether or not to pay it a visit.

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