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Whether you live nearby to a dog-friendly beach, or are planning on taking your furry best friend along on your next beach vacation, spending time with your pet at the beach can be so much fun for the both of you. OROGOLD brings you some of our top tips when it comes to taking your pets to the beach, to help you both to make the most of your day.

Woman sitting with her dog in the beach

Know the Laws
Different cities have different laws regarding pets at the beach, so make sure that you know what these are. If there are leash laws, then bring along a long leash, as this will mean that your dog can still have fun in the water. Try to avoid using a retractable leash, especially at a crowded beach, as this doesn’t give you much control and can easily get tangled around other people. Remember to wash your dog’s collar and leash once you get home, to remove any salt, as this can cause skin irritations for your dog. Every beach will have a poop bag law, so always keep a stash of these in your car, as well as in your bag, as you don’t want to ever be caught without one!

Bring Plenty of Drinking Water
Although your dog may be more than happy to lap away at the sea water, too much salt can cause vomiting and diarrhea, so it is important to bring along plenty of drinking water, for the both of you. Don’t forget a small bowl to make it easier for your dog to hydrate.

Dogs playing in the beach

Not All Dogs Can Swim
Many people may believe that all dogs naturally know how to swim, but this is just a common myth. In fact, many breeds simply cannot swim! These are usually the stout breeds, such as bulldogs or pugs. If your dog has never really been in the water before, let them test it out at their own pace, and don’t take them anywhere that is too deep. Only introduce them to the water on calm days, as even the smallest of waves can knock an unsure dog off their feet.

Be Aware of High Tide
Even if your dog is the best swimmer that you’ve seen, you still don’t want them to get caught up in a strong current. This could not only put them in danger, but will also make them much more weary of the water in the future. Be aware of the tide schedule, especially if your beach has lots of secluded areas where you can’t see when a strong tide is coming in. OROGOLD recommends checking online for your local tide schedule.

Dog sitting on a blanket in a beach

Bring Along a Blanket
If the sand is too hot for your bare feet, then it is definitely also too hot for your dog’s paws. Bring along a blanket to provide them with some relief when on the sand, and frequently take them into the water to give them the chance to cool off their paws. This will help to avoid their pads burning and blistering.

Dogs absolutely love the beach, especially when there are other dogs around to play with. Remember to keep OROGOLD’s tips in mind the next time you are planning a doggy beach day, and, most importantly, have fun but don’t overdo it!

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