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Tampa is known for being quite the foodie destination, and its mouth-watering array of innovative restaurants are part of the reason for this. Whether you are in the mood for Modern American or traditional Mexican, these are some of the very best places to eat in Tampa.

Columbia Restaurant
The Columbia Restaurant is a historical institution in Tampa, as it has been running since 1905, and still remains in the hands of the same family. There are a few different locations in Tampa to choose from, all of which serve up traditional Spanish dishes that have been created in the same way for many generations. One of the highlights of this eatery are the historic artifacts that fill the restaurant, as well as the Moorish influences that can be seen across the décor, and, for those stopping by for a meal in the evening, you will be rewarded with a live flamenco show that guarantees to liven your night up.

Mise en Place
Even though Mise en Place first opened its doors all the way back in 1986, it is still years ahead of its competition in terms of the food that you will find here. The ever-rotating menu here is inspired by both seasonal ingredients as well as current whims of the chef, meaning that you never know what you may find on offer. From the Hamaci Crudo to the Duck Confit Risotto, each dish on the menu here has been carefully thought out, and can be paired with an adventurous wine from the restaurant’s cellar.

The Taco Bus
Serving the entire Tampa Bay area, the Taco Bus is a food truck that has been operating for over ten years now, and is loved by just about everyone in the city for its truly authentic Mexican cuisine. Serving meals out of a 35 foot school bus, the Taco Bus’ menu features recipes from various regions of Mexico, all brought together to provide an exciting explosion of flavor and color. From the shredded pork smoked in banana leaves, which comes from a 5000 year old Mayan recipe, to the beer-battered fish that follows a recipe from Guaymas, this is the place to go if you want to taste your way around Mexico without ever leaving Tampa.

Bern’s Steak House
Bern’s Steak House has been operating since 1956, and has been family-owned ever since then. This restaurant is iconic in Tampa, and is known for being one of the very best in the city. The charcoal-grilled steaks are ordered according to weight and thickness, and are served up with a huge selection of decadent sides. You will also find one of the largest wine collections in the world here, with over 7000 bottles to choose from.

Tampa is home to a spectacular range of restaurants, with everything from casual food trucks to elegant fine dining venues. The one aspect that each of the eateries mentioned have in common is that they have all been operating in Tampa for many years now, serving up consistently delicious cuisine and earning themselves a fantastic reputation.

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