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Buffalo wings

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US and has a rich history, as well as a strong sense of architectural heritage. The city’s most successful bars, restaurants and hotels are the ones that have embraced this, choosing to reuse and adapt existing designs rather than completely change them. When it comes to the city’s historical areas, Fenway Park is the oldest baseball stadium in the country and has seen some true legends playing on its hallowed grounds, from the likes of Babe Ruth and Bucky Dent to the current World Champions.

The Creation of the Bleacher Bar
Fenway Park is constantly undergoing different renovation projects, and its last remaining undeveloped space was in quite a unique location. At field level, in between large steel beams beneath the bleachers, and oddly triangle-shaped, the developers wanted to use these features to their advantage rather than trying to cover them up, which is how Bleacher Bar was conceived. While the view of the field from the space is limited, the view that it does have is fantastic, and so a special one-way film was used so that patrons could enjoy their view of the field without the bar distracting the players.

Food and Drink
When it comes to the food that the Bleacher Bar serves up, the dishes are all casual but well put together and delicious. For those who just want something to snack on along with their drinks, the options range from Garlic Jalapeno Hummus to Classic Buffalo Wings to Stuffed Cherry Peppers. For a larger meal, the bar’s award-winning sandwiches are worth a try, whether you opt for the Brisket and Roast Beef or the Pork Belly Cuban. There are also a range of soups, salads, sliders and desserts to choose from, all of them classic American dishes. The bar also has five regular draft beers, as well as a couple more rotating ones, and a fantastic selection of bottled beers from all over the world.

The Overall Experience
While there may be thousands of unique bars all over the world, none of them can offer the feeling of being directly on one of the world’s most famous baseball fields, especially when it is during the middle of a game! When there is a game on, the bar can get quite crowded, but it only adds to the atmosphere and is a small price to pay for being able to look right across center field to see home plate. When there is not a game on, Bleacher Bar’s one-way glass is lifted, letting in the light breeze of the wind, the sweet scent of the grass, and the enthusiastic roar of the crowd.

Although Bleacher Bar has been open for quite a few years now, with its first year of business in 2008, it is still considered to be quite a well-kept secret in Boston. Whether there is a game on at the time of your visit or not, the bar is still a great place to visit when in Boston, offering a magnificent view of the historic Fenway Park.

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