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Considered by many to be the ultimate retail haven, the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world, boasting over 1200 stores that attract around 55 million visitors each year. One of the most visited buildings on the entire planet, its sleek and contemporary architecture, coupled with the multitude of offerings within, makes the Dubai Mall a truly vital part of the city.

Dubai mall

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The Construction of Dubai Mall
Constructed out of palatial glass, steel and precast concrete, the Dubai Mall encompasses an area of over 13 million square feet, which is the equivalent of over 50 football fields. The mall is a display of contemporary architecture at its finest, making it no surprise that it has won multiple awards for its design.

The Fashion Avenue
For those seeking the finest of luxury clothing, the Fashion Avenue is the section of the mall to head to first. This is where you will find more than 80 luxury fashion brands, from Armani to Max Mara, all of which help to put Dubai on the map as being one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The Village
The Village is quite the opposite of the Fashion Avenue, offering up a relaxed and informal shopping experience. The focus here is placed on trendy denim brands, but there is also quite the community feel here, as its wide, tree-lined walkways make this a great spot for socializing. The Village also boasts a retractable roof, which is kept open during the winter months to enhance the outdoor feel to the area.

The Souk
While the majority of Dubai Mall may seem a world away from traditional Emirati life, The Souk section of the mall offers a much more authentic feel. With everything from Arab handicrafts to traditional accessories, the Souk is well worth stopping off at as you make your way around the mall.

Aquarium inside the Dubai mall

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Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
One of the aspects that sets the Dubai Mall apart is the fact that it is home to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which boasts over 300 species of marine animals, from sharks to sting rays. The aquarium’s 270 degree walk-through tunnel is one of its highlights, as visitors are able to see a wide variety of marine creatures up close, at their own pace.

Dubai Ice Rink
While the temperature outside of the Dubai Mall may be soaring, the Dubai Ice Rink is guaranteed to keep you cool, with an ice bed that is twice the thickness of an NHL ice rink. Whether you are seeking ice skating lessons for the family, or want to take part in an ice skating disco, the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink will definitely impress.

In addition to being home to over a thousand stores, the Dubai Aquarium and the Dubai Ice Rink, the Dubai Mall is also home to a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, as well as a 22 screened cinema and 120 restaurants and cafés. Even if you only have a couple of hours to spare and cannot check out all of the incredible features here, the Dubai Mall is still worth a visit so that you can marvel at its magnificent architecture and design.

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