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Located in Salt Lake City, the world-class Loveland Living Planet Aquarium was originally founded in 1998, and has always aimed to educate and inspire people when it comes to the diverse ecosystem found on our planet. From tropical rainforests to the Antarctic chill, this is an aquarium that proudly showcases creatures from all over the world in its five main exhibits.

Antarctic Adventure
The immersive Antarctic Adventure gallery provides visitors with the unique opportunity to experience the Antarctic without any of the cold. The Gentoo penguins, which are mainly found in the Sub-Arctic, are one of the highlights here, as are the glowing moon jellies, some of which are an impressive 40 centimetres wide.

Expedition Asia
Expedition Asia is one of the newest galleries at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and features a number of species that are native to Southern Asia. The clouded leopards, which are listed under the US Endangered Species Act, are always exciting to spot, especially when you realize that they are the closest living relative to the Saber-toothed tiger. Also in Expedition Asia are Asian otters, giant fish, and binturong, which are another vulnerable species.

Ocean Explorer
Your visit to the Ocean Explorer exhibit will no doubt be unforgettable, as this gallery features a 40 foot shark tunnel that you can walk through, while large sandbar sharks swim around and over you, giving you a close-up, 360 degree view of these magnificent animals. You will also find a stingray touch pool here, featuring Southern stingrays that are usually found in tropical and subtropical waters, and will be able to get closer than ever to these incredible creatures.

Discover Utah
Being located in Utah, it only makes sense for the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium to have a gallery dedicated to the state, and this is exactly what the Discover Utah exhibit does. Packed with native Utah flora and fauna, as well as wildlife, this gallery is a great way to really see all that Utah has to offer in terms of biological diversity. From the North American river otter to the desert tortoise to the wood duck, there are many fascinating animals to be seen here.

Journey to South America
The Journey to South America gallery transports visitors into a tropical rainforest, with humidity to match. This gallery features a range of free flying birds, as well as many species of exotic fish. One of the highlights of this gallery is the reptiles that are housed here, from the dwarf caiman to the green anaconda.

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is a must-visit for those who are interested in nature and animals, as well as the planet’s ecosystem. Open daily throughout the year, tickets are available both online, as well as at the door, and there are membership options for those who can see themselves becoming regular visitors. This is an attraction that really makes an effort to showcase creatures from all over the world, taking you all the way from Antarctica to South America and then back to Utah in just one visit.

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