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 The best Luxury Skin Care Treatment you haven’t tried.

Whenever you walk into an OROGOLD store, there is no doubt that you are about to have a luxury experience. If you had any doubt, the swanky atmosphere and the incredibly attentive skin care specialists will eliminate it. Apart from the large selection of high-end skin care products, OROGOLD is proud to offer a variety of lush facial experiences.

Your experience begins with a free consultation with a very knowledgeable skin care specialist. They will meet with you and run through your skin type and any concerns or issues you might have. You can leisurely browse the full line of Collections and each wondrous product. After the best collection for your skin has been established, you will be whisked into the exclusive VIP facial room for your treatment.
The OROGOLD facial experience is truly a unique and decadent experience. The skin care specialist working with you will administer a treatment using a full collection that is determined during your consultation. Once you sit in the posh and oh-so comfortable spa recliners in the facial rooms you will be transported to new realms of relaxation and exceptional skin care.
Dark circles under your eyes accompanied by bags? Not after a facial using our Exclusive Eyes Series. The Exclusive Eye Collection is made of the 24K Exclusive Dark Circle Solution, 24K Intensive Eye Formula, and the 24K Exclusive Anti-Aging Eye Serum. A facial using this collection will leave your face bright, open and awake. Some of our customers have even reported that colleagues thought they had minor surgical procedures after they began using this collection.
Whatever ails your delicate skin, a facial at one of the stylish OROGOLD stores is very possible the cure. Whether you’re on vacation or just strolling through your local mall, if you pass an OROGOLD store you shouldn’t miss the chance to indulge yourself a little.

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