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There are certain cities around the world that, once the lights go out, burst into life with after-hours entertainment. From late night blues bars in London to bustling street food stalls in Bangkok, OROGOLD reviews the world’s top late night destinations.

Big Ben, London at night.

London’s nightlife seems to offer something for everyone, from its comedy clubs to boutique bars. Ain’t Nothin’ But, just off Carnaby Street, is a small but exciting bar that offers live blues music, with many top acts flown in from the US, alongside affordable drinks and enthusiastic dancers. For a taste of London culture along with an extensive gin selection, head to the underground Worship Street Whistling Shop, inspired by Victorian drinking culture. With a few different spaces, including their own in-house lab, OROGOLD’s favorite part of this low-lit den is their 18th Century Dram Shop, an honesty bar that you can rent out, drinking as much as you like from vintage bottles.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Known as the City of Lights, no trip to Paris would be complete without a visit to the Moulin Rouge, one of the city’s most popular evening attractions, where you can catch a cabaret show while sipping on champagne and trying out different treats from the delectable gourmet menu. Many cafes and brasseries are also open well into the night, but for a fresh and exotic cocktail, check out the Experimental Cocktail Club, in the 2nd arrondissement. From the first wave of speakeasies to launch in Paris in the last few years, the bar is indulgently decadent, and isn’t even visible from the street, guaranteeing a crowd that ‘in the know’. When you start to feel hungry, the cobbled streets of Paris are dotted with crepe stalls that are open through the night, giving you an ideal way to end the evening with a shot of brandy and a delicious taste of this classic French favorite.

Wat Arun, Bangok at night.

Khao San Road in Bangkok is one of the main tourist areas, and is known for its array of different restaurants. However, once these all close at around 2am, food stalls take over the street, serving up some of the best local Thai food that you will have ever tasted. From spicy omelets to roast chicken with sticky rice to fried pork noodles, this is one of OROGOLD’s favorite places to grab a late night snack in Bangkok. Visitors also take delight in watching locals, and brave tourists, taking a bite of the various deep fried, crunchy critters on sale. If you find the area slightly too crowded, hop onto a tuk-tuk and ask the driver to take you to his favorite street food night market, as chances are that his local knowledge will lead you to an incredible meal.

Many cities around the world are known for their late night attractions, with many visitors eagerly anticipating the sun going down so that their vacation can truly begin. From late night crepes under the Eiffel Tower to an underground Victorian drinking den in London, OROGOLD highly recommends paying a visit to one of our favorite late night destinations.

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