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Fenway Park, Boston

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For those visiting Boston for the first time, there is so much to see and do that it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. To ensure that you really are seeing the very best that the city has to offer, here are some of the locals’ favorite spots.

Fenway Park
Famous all over the world, Fenway Park is known for being the home of the Boston Red Sox, as well as the oldest Major League Baseball ball park in the country. There are games scheduled throughout the next few months, so, if you are a sports fan visiting the city, this needs to be right at the top of your itinerary.

Freedom Trail
For those wanting to learn more about Boston’s fascinating history, the Freedom Trail, which is a walking trail that stretches out for two and a half miles, is a must-do. This trail will take you through some of the city’s most important historical sites, from Faneuil Hall Marketplace to the Old North Church. While the trail itself may not be that long, each of the 16 sites that you will pass by can be explored or toured, meaning that you may wish to dedicate a full day to the trail to ensure that you have enough time to see everything.

George Washington monument in Boston Public Garden

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Boston Public Garden
Located right next to Boston Common, the Boston Public Garden was established in 1837, and is famous for being the very first public botanical garden in the country. The park is kept in immaculate condition, with colorful flowers and exotic trees strategically placed throughout, and a gorgeous four-acre pond right in the center, through which you can take a Swan Boat ride. The ride takes about 15 minutes, and the paddle boats are easy for both children and adults to use.

Samuel Adams Brewery
While it may be located just outside of the city center, the Samuel Adams Brewery is worth the extra effort to reach, especially if you love beer. While Samuel Adams has three brewery locations, this one is there testing facility for new and speciality beers, and is also the site at which they host their public tastings and tours. From an overview of the brewing process to free beer samples, this is a spot that both locals and tourists love.

The Museum of Science in Boston

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Museum of Science
For those travelling to Boston with kids, your children are likely to begin to get bored of visiting historical sites, which is when a visit to the Museum of Science needs to come into play. This museum features so many fun, interactive exhibits, relating to science and astronomy and also boasts an impressive planetarium where you will find spectacular light shows. Round up your visit by catching a film at the Mugar Omni Theater, which really makes you feel as though you are right at the center of all of the action.

Boston is home to a wide range of attractions, but, if you only have a short time in the city, these are the ones that you need to see. From the stunning Boston Public Garden to historic Fenway Park, be sure to make time to visit each of these spots.

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