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Whether you are spending your spring break with friends, or wanting to travel somewhere with your family, there are certain locations that are known for the fun-filled spring break experiences that they provide. From wild beach parties to cultural cities, OROGOLD reviews some of the latest top spring break locations.

Sunrise view of Cutler Bay located close to Miami, Florida.

Each year, thousands of people flock to Miami to spend their spring break in the sun. Miami’s shoreline caters to a diverse crowd, from families to college students, with different beaches attracting different people. There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from, both budget and high end. Miami is also home to some great restaurants, and has a thriving nightlife scene.

View of the Cancun beach in Mexico

Now that it has mostly recovered from the devastation caused in 2005 by Hurricane Wilma, Cancun is once again a go-to location for spring break. It is also one of the most affordable vacation spots in the Western Hemisphere, giving you more value for your money. In addition to its many restaurants, luxurious spas and nightlife hot spots offering unlimited alcohol, Cancun also offers a wide variety of water sports at many of its gorgeous beaches, including jet-skiing and para-sailing.

A beautiful view of the Hector Falls located in Finger Lakes, New York State

Finger Lakes
The Finger Lakes area of New York is New York’s largest wine producing region, making it the perfect destination for wine enthusiasts. There are plenty of lush vineyards, and many of the 100 wineries are open to the public. Finger Lakes also has many quaint and charming villages, as well as unique museums. There are plenty of places to eat, and many areas that offer some great shops. This is a great location for a relaxed wine-focused spring break.

A view of San Diego from the Ferry Landing in Coronado

San Diego 
For a city-based spring break vacation, San Diego may just be the place for you. It has been gaining in popularity in recent years when it comes to the top locations for spring break, attracting the likes of both families with children as well as college students. San Diego offers a range of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, but also has other great attractions. The San Diego Zoo, the Safari Park and Seaworld are all places that appeal to both children and adults, providing hours of entertainment. You will also find a variety of city tours, from land-based ones on segways, to boat and sailing tours, to small plane and helicopter tours.

An image of the famous Aspen Trees

Not everybody wants to spend their spring break in the sun, with many choosing to hit the slopes instead. Aspen in Colorado is the perfect place to do this, as not only do they see plenty of great snow each year, but most of the resorts there are full of glitz and glamor, and you may find yourself seated at a restaurant next to your favorite celebrity. Spring in Aspen sees the start of a season full of competitions, parties and fun events, making it an ideal location if you are looking for a spring break with a difference.

Since many of the top spring break locations are popular with both families as well as college students, OROGOLD recommends you to book as early as possible, not only to secure yourself a place but also to enjoy the best deals and promotions. It is always good to try something different each year, so if you usually spend your spring breaks on a sunny beach, think about trying one of our city or mountain locations for your next spring break vacation.

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