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Handy phone apps

Travel apps make travelling so much easier and more convenient, and it is definitely worthwhile to have a few go-to apps on your phone or tablet. For those who are planning a trip around Europe, these are the apps that you are likely to find most useful.

Spotted by Locals
Spotted by Locals is an app that many refer to as their European travel bible, because while the app does feature 11 North American cities, it boasts offline travel guides for an impressive 55 European cities. These guides are created entirely by locals, who showcase the best spots in the city for everything from music to art to shopping. Since these hot spots are chosen by locals, you will be able to avoid many of the cities’ tourist traps, and really explore the heart and soul of your destination.

The Fork
The Fork is a must-download app for any foodies who are visiting Europe, as this app showcases the top-rated restaurants across many European cities. From France to Portugal to Denmark, The Fork not only shows you photos and menu items, but also features fantastic deals and discounts, and allows you to book a table directly from the app.

Travelling to multiple European cities in one trip will definitely be a memorable experience, but rather than having to deal with all the planning, download GoEuro instead. This app will really make a difference to you when it comes to planning your journey, as it scans a number of different routes in real time before presenting you with the best options. Whether you want to travel by plane, train or bus, this app can help with even the most complicated of routes, and even enables users to book train tickets in certain countries, including the UK, Belgium and Austria.

Pretty Streets
One of the highlights of Europe for many are the quaint, picturesque streets that are found throughout many cities, and these are best explored on foot. Pretty Streets is an app that will make sure that you do not miss out on a certain city’s prettiest spots, and provides maps and walking itineraries for different areas. Whether you want to explore the city parks of London or the monuments of Paris, this is the app that will help you to do so.

Word Lens
While English will suffice in major European cities, visiting the rural areas, and not being able to speak the language, can often present quite the problem. This is where Word Lens comes in, as this app enables users to simply take a picture of some text or a sign, and will then translate it into English, regardless of what language it was in.

People were travelling long before the invention of travel apps, so while these may not be strictly necessary when it comes to exploring Europe, they will definitely make your trip far more enjoyable. From the walking itineraries of Pretty Streets to the restaurant recommendations of The Fork, each of these apps are well worth downloading before you travel.

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