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Some may choose a travel destination based on its nightlife, while others may choose one based on its water sport opportunities. However, it is also becoming increasingly popular to choose a travel destination based on the skin care perks that it offers, which is why OROGOLD has rounded up some of the best ones for you to choose from.

Hell's Gate, New Zealand

Hells Gate, New Zealand
The mud at Hells Gate, in Rotorua, New Zealand, has been used by the Ngati Rangiteaorere tribe for over 700 years, as it is packed with many healing minerals. In addition to the mud being antibacterial and detoxifying, helping to rid the skin of any damaging toxins, it is also immensely moisturizing, hydrating the skin in a truly unique way.

Woman walking along the Dead Sea shore in Israel

The Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan
The Dead Sea, located on the border of Jordan and Israel, is known as being the best natural healing center for psoriasis, and many with this skin condition flock to the area each year for some amazing skin perks. Its low altitude, at 1300 feet below sea level, and the extra atmosphere that the sun’s rays scatter through before reaching you, means that your body absorbs a unique combination of light. Rather than this light causing damage and burning you, it actually helps to heal psoriasis, helped along with the high salt and mineral content of the water in the Dead Sea. Some hotels, such as the Ein Bokek Hotel, offer a skin care package, combining Dead Sea bathing excursions with medical check-ups and dermatologist-prescribed ointments.

Safaga, Egypt
Known as the ‘healing zone’, the waters of Safaga in Egypt are extremely beneficial to the skin. With a salt content that is 35% higher than that of most other seas, bathing in these waters dramatically improves the circulation. In addition to this, the black sand beach contains an array of minerals that come from the volcanic craters that lie deep below the Red Sea, all of which significantly help with arthritis and any inflammation.

Hot springs in Japan

Japan is full of different onsens, or hot springs in English, dotted throughout the country, and these have long since been revered for their healing properties. Depending on your exact needs, there are different onsens that you can visit, each containing different natural minerals, from sodium chloride to sulfur to iron. In addition to healing many skin conditions and providing the body with a boost of skin-enhancing minerals, the onsens are also known for treating a wide variety of other ailments, from aches and pains to cardiovascular and digestive problems.

From the mineral-rich mud in New Zealand to the healing waters of the Japanese onsens, these destinations all come with a unique set of skin care perks, almost guaranteeing that you will leave with better skin than when you arrived. Since all of these perks come from the destinations’ natural resources, their effects may vary with the seasons, so OROGOLD recommends fully researching the best time of the year to visit if you are hoping to take advantage of the amazing skin benefits on offer.

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