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With world-class rides, up-close animal encounters, and award-winning live entertainment, Busch Gardens, in Tampa, Florida, is the ultimate family adventure park, promising fun and excitement with every visit.

Roller coaster in Busch Gardens

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Thrill Rides
Busch Gardens has some legendary rides, and five of these are adrenaline-fuelling rollercoasters that promise intense thrills. Falcon’s Fury is the North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower at 335 feet, while Cheetah Hunt is a triple launch coaster that races through a rocky gorge. SheiKra is a floorless dive coaster, while Montu is a B&M inverted roller coaster, with seven heart-stopping inversions, and, finally, Kumba features one of the world’s largest vertical loops, and has consistently been voted as being one of the best rollercoasters in the world.

Gentle Rides
For those who prefer something gentler, or need a ride that is appropriate for children, there are plenty to find in Busch Gardens. The SandSerpent is a ride great for the whole family, consisting of curves, drops and corkscrews over five storeys, while the Air Grover is a junior coaster that is perfect for parents who want to ride with their kids. The Skyride is an overhead cable car that offers some spectacular views, while Serengeti Railway provides a beautiful journey along the edge of one of the park’s recreated African plains.

Live Entertainment
All of the shows at Busch Gardens are family-friendly, and they all feature aspects that both adults and children will enjoy. Iceploration is the biggest ice show that Tampa has ever seen, while Treasures of the Mirage is a vibrant cultural dance celebration. For music from the soul era, catch one of the Motor City Groove shows, or, for music that your children can sing along to, take them to see the A is for Africa show. Opening Night Critters is a show that features rescued animal, and is a must for any animal lovers, as they will get to see everything from rescued dogs to horses to kangaroos.

Lioness in Busch Gardens

Animal Encounters
In addition to its thrilling rides and world-class shows, Busch Gardens is also home to the largest zoo in Tampa, and one of the largest in North America. The zoo houses over 12,000 animals from over 250 different species, over thirty of which are listed as being endangered or threatened. The animal encounters offered range from hands-on experiences with tamer animals, such as petting and feeding the kangaroos at Walkabout Way, to up-close encounters with the wilder animals, such as coming face to face with a lion at the Edge of Africa. The zoo also has its own state-of-the-art Animal Care Center, and it is here that guests can closely observe the whole animal care experience, from nutrition to x-rays, and even get involved with certain parts.

The whole of Busch Gardens is mostly African themed, from their rides to the zoo, bringing an incredibly exotic vibe to Tampa. Tickets to Busch Gardens are available both at the main entrance as well as online, the latter of which is usually the best option, as you will be able to book yourself in for some exclusive experiences.

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