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Woman having caviar

Considered to be the pinnacle of fine dining, caviar can be consumed in a number of different ways, with each one bringing out unique flavors and textures. Whether served as a classic caviar blini, perked up in a devilled egg, or mixed into a mild capellini, there is no denying the thrill that comes from each bite of this exquisite delicacy.

On Its Own
When you are just having a small helping of caviar, or perhaps indulging in a caviar tasting with multiple varieties, then the best way to enjoy it is on its own, using a caviar spoon. These are made of materials other than metal, as metal interferes with caviar’s delicate flavor, and are usually made of mother-of-pearl or wood.

Deviled Eggs
While it is always best to eat the finer varieties of caviar as simply as possible, so that you can really taste each of the multiple flavors that it contains, lower quality caviar works beautifully when sat atop a devilled egg. Not only does it add a touch of elegance and class to the dish, but the texture and flavors work extremely well together, providing the classic deviled egg with an exciting, but delicious, twist.

Caviar Capellini
Capellini is thin, angel hair pasta, and, just like with the blinis, the blandness works well when balanced out with caviar. Simply mix in a small amount of butter and chives before adding the caviar, and the result will be a pasta dish unlike any other that you have tasted.

Caviar Blini

Caviar Blinis
Blinis are a traditional Russian accompaniment to caviarĀ and are an ideal way to enjoy the delicacy if you are wanting to have more than just a spoonful. Blinis are thin, buckwheat pancakes, and their blandness helps to balance out the salt and the fat that comes from the caviar. Sour and acidic flavors also work well with caviar, which is why they are usually served along with a helping of sour cream on top of a blini. To truly emulate Russian tradition, be sure to wash down your blini with some chilled vodka, or with some champagne if you would prefer.

Alongside Other Seafood
For a true taste of the ocean, caviar can be served alongside other seafood. The flavors of smoked salmon beautifully balance those of caviar, with this combination being one that even caviar connoisseurs would agree with. Cockles, crab, oysters, scallops and lobster also all work well with caviar, making it quite easy to create quite the luxurious seafood platter.

Each bite of caviar is said to release a whole host of new flavors into your mouth, which is why the eggs are usually paired with quite bland ingredients, so that the true flavors of the caviar can shine through. When choosing a way in which to enjoy caviar, be sure to keep the quality of the caviar in mind. Caviar that is of a higher quality should be enjoyed as simply as possible, while eggs that are of a lower quality are usually better appreciated alongside a few other ingredients, to further enhance its flavors.

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